Birman Cats vs. Burmese Cats

Cat lovers in the world are mostly confused that if both the Burmese and Birman cats are the same breeds. But, we can assure you that both Burmese and Birman cats are not of the same breed. In fact, both of them are from different breeds. In this article, we will talk about the basic differences between Burmese and Birman cats.

Birman Cat’s Overview

Peaceable, smart, and playful. If you need these three qualities in your pet or you looking for a pet with these three qualities, then you can find all these qualities in a very cute little Birman.

These cats are marked beautifully with felines with gentles and very playful personalities. These cats can act as perfect and beautiful pets for many people. If you might think that these cats can act as a perfect pet for you or if you are having them as pets, you would be interested in learning the characteristics, features, and fascinating origin of these charming cats.

Burmese Cat’s Overview

The Burmese cat is also very friendly. She is a gregarious cat and she loves being around people. When these cats are in the lap of someone, they usually commonly initiate snuggling in a rumbling and husky way. Their sweet, gentle and beautiful voice is very pleasant to hear when they are leaping towards the highest point of your room and showing their athletic and acrobatic moves.

These cats are the willing playmates and companions of small kids and children. They even allow themselves to be perfectly dressed up and carried around in a small buggy or trolley. Like Birman cats, these cats usually follow your footsteps in the house. They will never leave you alone in the house. So, again you need to compromise on your privacy as these cats feel very bad when they are left alone in the house specifically for long periods of time.

Origin of these Birman Cats

As the name indicates, these cats are of Burman origin (as believed by many people). It is a very special breed. These cats were considered too sacred to act as the companions of many Kittah priests.

The actual information about the origin of these cats is a bit difficult to find. However, it is believed that at the start of 1900, a couple of these cats were shipped from Burma to France. As the journey or travels, were very slow in those days, so, it took several months for the voyage to reach its destination. During the journey, the female survived and gave birth to a healthy kitten of Birman in France. A French cat registry organization named the breed Sacre de Birmaine. From that time this name was reduced to Birman bit by bit. These cats were recognized as a breed by the Cat registry organization in France in the year 1925. The breed of these cats was almost completely wiped out in Second World War. By the end of the Second World War, only two Birman cats were left alive in the whole of Europe. The death of almost all the cats meant that there is a need to save this beautiful breed from extinction. There was a need for a way to again re-establish the breed of this cat.

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This task was beautifully done by the breeders. Outcrossing is a breeding process in which different breeds are crossed together to get the desired breed of species. Most of the cat registries in the world require at least five complete generations one after another before they are successfully recognized as a breed. Therefore, this one generation was not enough and these cats were recognized as a breed again in the 1960s. In the United States (US), the first cat of this breed arrived in 1959.

Origin of Burmese Cats

People in the past having cats of this kind, used to worship them in the monasteries and temples of Myanmar. Myanmar was previously called Burma. These cats were found in a city in England. But, these cats were not as popular as Siamese.

Fancier Association of cats recognizes two types of breed of these cats. The first one is simple Burmese while the other one is European Burmese. In 1952, a governing council approved the Burmese of the cat fancy. This act / approval established criteria for the cats present in the UK (United Kingdom).

The International Cats Association (this is an association that maintains registries of the cats in the whole world), accepted this breed of cats.

In accordance with the Cat Fancy Governing Council, throughout the time, the breed of Burmese cat died out in both Europe and England. However, when its extinction was near in 1930, it was again resurrected by using the first natural breed of the Burmese Cat.

Breed Standard of the Birman cats

These cats are very large and have a stocky build. These cats have silky long hair. Due to its silky nature, the hairs of these cats do not tangle very easily. The face, hair, and legs of these cats are pretty similar to the Siamese. These areas are called points. The points on the body of these cats can be of any color. These colours are:

  • Chocolate
  • Blue
  • Seal
  • Lilac point.

The Birman cats have a very intelligent and strong face with round blue-coloured eyes. The feet of these cats have white-colored socks and each of these is symmetrical.

Birman Cats have a very gentle personality. This cat is aware of the cues of the owner and when there is time for playing, this cat is playful. Mostly, when their owner is preoccupied and busy, these cats are quiet. Birman cats are very social animals. When they do not have someone to play with or when they are the only pet in the home, they are usually in a very bad mood. So, if you do not have another in your home and you are considering buying Birman cat, then try to buy another pet with them as well. Another Birman cat is a great companion for Birman cats but you can also adopt or take a cat from a cat shelter. You can even have a dog as a companion for Birman cats.

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Also, if you want to have a Birman cat in your house then you should forget any kind of privacy expectations from these cats. These cats follow you everywhere. These cats can even follow you in the bathroom. So, you must be aware of closing your door for the Birman cats for privacy purposes. Jinger Walton, an owner of a Birman cat says:

“These cats may yell at you.”

These cats are a very restful breed. They may even plop themselves for a quick nap at every place where they find themselves very comfortable. They can even take a nap at a place that is a very inconvenient or most special place for you. To your annoyance, these cats have a very cute, beautiful, gentle, and sweet nature. No one can be annoyed by such a cute cat lying on an electronic device, your book, or some other place.

You should not buy a Birman cat if you are not ready for a very cute and sweet cat that can run your whole life. Wendy Simonsen says that you do not own a Birman cat but these Birman cats own you.

Temperament and personality difference between Burmese and Birman Cat

Lifestyle, temperament, and personality of Birman Cats

Generally, Birman cats like a quiet and indoor lifestyle. Some of the cats enjoy walking on the leash. Some of them like splashing themselves in the water and some of them like to in the yard. Most of the Birman cats like to be held by the owner and other people. You do not need to be surprised or angry if you find these cats beneath your bedspread in the night.

Birman cats love playing with children. These cats can prove the best companions for your kids. Birman Cats love the children especially when the kids make them their playmates.

Mostly Birmans are polite and quiet but they might become very vocal when they are kept in the home alone or if they need something. These cats can be good household greeters. These cats can maintain their life for play even in their adulthood. These cats are very smart as they can learn the routines of the household very quickly and efficiently. Also, they are very good trainers for themselves. As a trainer, they teach their owner and other people in the house to provide them with frequent variations in the type of flavours and foods.

Lifestyle, temperament, and Personality of Burmese Cats

We can say that the Burmese cat is a lover of cuddling. Burmese cat enjoys sitting in the lap of its owner and other people. These cats are naturally outspoken and they love to discuss the happenings and chores of the whole day with their owner and peers. These cats are also gregarious as well. These cats enjoy spending the day with other pets and the family. So, if no one is in your home, then a Burmese cat can be a very good companion for you in moments of loneliness.

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Burmese cats are very clever by their nature. The parents of these Burmese cats encourage their cute and little kittens and train them by using many puzzles and tricks and when their kittens matter to them most, they reward them with treats and kibbles. All these things boost their confidence and make them clever.

If you are going to buy a cute, little Burmese kitten from a breeder and / or about to buy a Burmese kitten, then you should look and find a breeder who raises the litter and other materials in the house of the kittens and usually cares for them mostly from the beginning. And if possible, try to search and have a look at least one or both of the parents of the kitten to ensure that whether the parents of the kitten have very good and pleasant personalities.

Grooming Requirements of Burmese and Birman Cats

Grooming of Birman Cat

Birman Cats have a single coat. This means that these cats have no undercoat. Birman cat is not much likely to mat. The owners of these cats are advised to comb the coat of these cats with a stainless steel comb. This process must be done almost every week to make Birman cat healthy. It is also advised to cut the nails of Birman cats regularly after a week or two.

Also, grooming the fir of Birman cats usually to times in a week is enough to keep the fur of Birman’s mat free. It is a good practice to exercise Birman cats regularly because these cats are prone to gain weight. Birman cats are very healthy cats and they have attractive personalities. While purchasing a kitten of Birman cat, it is advised to buy Birman cats from a very respectable and trusted breeder. This small step will ensure that you are going to purchase a car that is quite near to the standards of a Birman Cat.

Grooming of Burmese cat

The satiny coat of Burmese cats sheds a little and it is a very easy task to groom the coat of these cats with weekly brushing the coat of these cats. Always use a brush called a rubber curry brush. This brush removes any kind of stray hairs on the body of the cat and properly distributes the skin oils. Also, use a very soft chamois and provide a final polish (This polish is not the same as you can or might see on your car) on the skin.  This will make the coat of these cats shine.

Grooming the Burmese cat also requires weekly ear washing if the ear seems to be filthy and nail clipping. Always try to use a gentle cleanser that is prescribed by a veterinary surgeon.

You can also brush the teeth of Burmese cats regularly with vet-approved toothpaste. This step will ensure the fresh breath and good health of these cats. Brushing the fur, brushing the teeth, and nail clipping should start in the early life of the Burmese kitten to make them accustomed to all this.

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Health and Health Issues with Burmese and Birman

The health of Birman Cats

Birman cat is a very healthy breed of cat. This cat can survive up to fifteen years or even more. However, it will be a great thing if you purchase a kitten from a very popular and reputable breeder who offers a guarantee of the health of these cats. As we know a contract is just a piece of paper. This paper does not ensure that your kitten will never become ill or catch the disease in the whole life but it shows the confidence of the cat breeder in his work.

Health Issues with Birman Cats

Burman cats usually do not have very serious health issues. However, like other cats, it is necessary to regularly get examined Birman Cats from a veterinary Doctor. In addition to this, please try to maintain the regular dental care of these cats to avoid any disorders of the mouth like gingivitis and many other oral and dental disease. You should also keep checking the weight of these cats to prevent them from becoming obese. Naturally, Birman cats are very stocky and they can quickly get obese (gaining weight). Mostly, diet impacts the urinary tract and mouth of Birman cats just like its effect on other cats. Please have an appointment with your veterinarian for the finest and quality food for your pet as each cat is unique from others.

The health of Burmese Cats

Some Burmese cats have feline hyperaesthesia syndrome, glaucoma, or many cranial abnormalities. This causes them to be more sensitive to touch and generate a painful stimulus on touching. Stones of Calcium oxalate in the urinary system can also be a problem for them. That is why it is advised to buy kittens from a breeder that provides a health guarantee in written form when buying a kitten from him.

Health issues of a Burmese cat

Typically, Burmese cats are healthy. However, they might have an illness inherited from their parents called hypokalaemia that can cause skeletal and muscular weakness to them. To check for familial episodic hypokalaemicpolymyopathy (it is the complete name of the above disease), only one DNA test is enough. However, this disease is episodic, and it can affect the complete body of the pet or only certain parts of the body like limbs and neck. In this disease, the affected cats have very difficulty walking or holding their head in the current position.

They are also susceptible to many other diseases or abnormalities like:

  • Deformities in the skull.
  • Small calcium oxalate crystals can be created as kidney stones in their urinary system.
  • Felis Hyperaesthesia syndrome: It is a condition in which the sensitivity of the cat is heightened to pain and touch stimuli.
  • Glaucoma: It is a condition in which excessive intraocular pressure can lead to blindness in the cat.

Many responsible and respectable breeders analyse every possible symptom and line of any type of disease in their cats and then they provide a guarantee of health paper with each kitten they sell.

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Remember that, if you have purchased a cute little kitten of a cat, one of the authorities and responsibilities of yours is to protect your animal from the most common health issue of the cat which is obesity. In fact, it is an essential way to keep the health of your kitten in check. Make sure to use your preventive skills to help your cat enjoy a healthy and disease-free life.

Diet and Nutrition requirements in Burmese and Birman cats:

Diet and Nutrition of Birman cats:

Remember that, Birman cats are stocky in accordance with their nature and they can gradually gain weight if you do keep an eye on the weight of these cats. Diet may impact the urinary tract and teeth of these cats just like in the case of other cats. Consult a veterinary Doctor about the healthy and finest food for these cats.

Diet and Nutrition of Burmese Cats:

To maintain the healthy lifestyle of these cats, you need to provide them with a lot of nutrition and protein. To make sure that the kitten is getting healthy food and all the needs of your pet are satisfied, please consult your veterinary doctor to review and check several diet options available for your cat. High-quality dry food is very good for the dental health of these cats and this dry food can also be supplemented with wet food. The National Alliance of Burmese Breeders recommends every citizen especially the owner of Burmese cats to switch the food of these cats now and then so that your small companion must not become accustomed to a single type of food.

Birman Vs Burmese / what are the General differences between a Burmese or a Birman?

Burmese cats are very cute medium-sized cats. The body of Burmese cats is muscular. A Birman cat has a stocky look while a Burmese cat usually does not have a stocky look. Burmese cats have tapered cheekbones and these cats have a blunt wedge at the end of their nose. The coat of Burmese is short. The eyes of these Burmese cats are Yellowish in appearance.

Choosing a name for Birman Kittens:

There is a tradition available for naming Birman kittens. This tradition was first devised by the French people. According to this tradition, all the Birman kittens born in a year must be named with a specific letter. All the names of the Birman cats born are usually named with the letter specifically for that year. For example, in 2010 the letter used for naming Birman kittens was H. No English alphabetical letter is skipped. So, the alphabets repeat after a complete duration of 26 years.

It is a most common tradition of naming Birman cats and it is mostly followed in almost all the cat houses of the world. Well, it is just a tradition. It is not necessary to use this method for your Birman cats. You can use the names of these cats as you like.

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