Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair?


We all love cats and all of us require our fair share of funny cat videos every single day.

Only because they are the cutest and most adorable pets one could possibly hope for.

Watching them play, eat and even sleep gives us a sense of pleasure, calmness, and happiness.

Even from ancient times, we can see that cats were the favourite among pets and were practically treated as Gods.

Cats are easy to maintain and less expensive as compared to other pets. They also love to hunt pests and rodents and keep our house free from such insects. Another important thing about owning a pet cat is that they never make you feel alone. They always follow you around, play with you and makes you feel reliable.

Owning a pet cat gives the owner a sense of responsibility and a feeling of pride.

Just as how a cat lands on its feet even from the highest point, they help their owner land in the right direction. According to ancient myths, cats are exalted souls who act as companions and guides for human beings. There is a scientific reason as well on why humans love cats more than any other pets, It is said that pampering a cat releases love hormones in human beings, which causes us to like them even more.

It is true that they are mischievous and cheeky, they tend to get us in trouble all the time, but this only brings us closer and deepens our bonds with them. Apart from this, cats have their own share of weird things they do on a day-to-day basis. Be it stealing your sock, hitting their head on a wall, always bringing in weird stuff (dead or alive) But among all this, the weirdest and most common thing a cat does is lick its owner’s hair.

Why does my cat lick my hair?

Well, there is a cute and reasonable explanation to this question. It is simply because they love you. This is totally normal among the cat family, cats relating to one another lick all the time to show their affection and love towards each other. They may even want to share their scent with you, just because you will smell more like your cat, and this makes them feel safe and comfortable.

So, when your cat licks you, instead of being grossed out take a moment to appreciate or get to know that your cat considers you family and loves you exponentially.

Cats can’t speak or do most of the things humans can to express their feelings.

By chewing and licking your hair they show you that they are cozy, happy and loves being with you. This does not mean that you need to lick them back to show your affection, you can show your affection by treating them with their favourite toy and snack.

Apart from expressing love towards their human, cats also bite their owner’s hair as a stress-relieving mechanism. It sure does sound crazy. But it’s true, cats often get annoyed and anxious very quick and chewing their owner’s hair seems to relieve them.

Whenever your cat gets anxious or wants to get rid of some stress, chewing your hair seems to calm things down. This also shows that your cat trusts you and finds itself comfortable around you. This shows your cats love for you.

This can work the other way around as well. Humans tend to get stressed out and anxious all the time, petting their cat actually reduces their stress and makes them calm. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why many own a pet cat.

Among all the other explanations, this one could be the funniest. If your think about it, your cat chews your hair most of the time when you come out of the shower. This is because your cat may be attracted to the smell and taste of your hair products, be it your shampoo, conditioner, or hair gel. If they like it, they’ll eat it!

If that’s the case, ingesting chemicals could be bad for your cat and could cause other diseases.

Cats may get addicted to licking your hair and it actually gives them a sense of pleasure and satisfaction in biting your hair. It is all up to you if you wanna stop your cat from doing this.

The chance of your cat getting addicted to your shampoo might be less, but it is never zero.

There are other reasons as well why your cat loves to lick your hair. Cats lick themselves to be clean and it works for them, but they are not aware that it works for humans as well. It could also be their way to grab your attention. If this is the case, all you need to do is feed them or play with them and obviously pay more attention to them if needed.

Your cat may actually be hungry, and this could be their way of showing they need food. Try feeding them actual food when they are licking your hair, if this seems to distract them, then that might actually be the problem.

Should we let them lick our hair?

Well, it is all up to the owner to decide whether their cat can continue this behaviour or not.

If you want to spoil your cat you could let it chew your hair. It would be a fun and cute thing for you and your cat to bond.

Although it’s all about bonding and having a great relationship with your cat there are a lot of downsides to your cat if you keep letting it lick your hair. Your cat is ingesting various chemicals and products from your hair that were never meant to be in its system in the first place.

Your cat is highly exposed to diseases and there is a high chance he could end up sick.

If your cat is addicted to licking your hair, it not only affects your cat but affects you as well.

You could get hurt or seize hair related problems from your cat.

Even though it is hard to say no to those cute eyes, you should learn when to say no to your cat.

There are many other things your cat could do besides chewing your hair; it is up to you to show them all the other things your cat could lick and chew besides your hair.

From all this, we should know that the wisest option would be not to let your cat lick your hair.

How should we prevent our cat from licking our hair?

Getting addicted to your hair is one thing, but how can we stop it?

There certainly isn’t any cat rehab in the world. So, the only way to prevent them from chewing your hair is to distract them. Whenever your cat wants your hair, distract it with something else like toys or actual food.

Maybe you could try giving your cat a toy or an object which has a texture similar to your hair, although this is a temporary solution, it may actually work. It could be really annoying when your cat does not stop chewing your hair. As mentioned before one of the reasons your cat does this is to grab your attention.

So rather than giving your cat the attention it seeks, try to ignore him. Stay away from your cat whenever he comes to chew your hair. Once your cat gets tired it will eventually stop chewing your hair. This does not mean that you should ignore your cat completely, try moving away from your cat and keep your distance when it tries to lick your hair.

Another method would be to try changing your shampoo or hair conditioner. Your cat may be attracted to the odour and smell of your hair products. So, try changing your hair products and see if there is a difference. Owners could also try using citrus related hair products to keep their cats away from their hair since cats really hate the smell of citrus. But using a citrus hair product may actually stop your cat from playing with you all the time. So it may not be the best method. Changing to a shampoo or conditioner with a lower scent would be a better option.

If you feel like your cat is very stressed or anxious, take him out for a walk, try different things with him, make him feel comfortable and safe. There are many other things your cat is capable of doing, the owner should widen their cat’s options, show them the outside world rather than keeping them home all the time.

Most cats who stay and home and are pampered constantly tend to be lazy and spoiled. Cats love sunlight and the owners shouldn’t prevent their cats from the sun. Although cats really don’t need regular walks like other animals, this does not mean they never need it. All cat owners must take their cats for a walk once in a while. This could reduce their chances of getting sick and would help them maintain a good body structure.


Cats licking your hair is not a big fuss as long as it’s an expression of love and bonding.

It only becomes a problem if your cat does it extensively and shows signs of not stopping.

Our cats love us just as much as we love them and we as owners should do what is right for them. If your cat keeps on chewing your hair even after you try to prevent it, taking your cat to a veterinarian is highly advised.

When we try to look from the perspective of a cat, we can see that all they are trying to do is have fun with their best friend. They want to annoy you, play with you and have fun.

There is no point in blaming your cat for chewing your hair. They just want to taste and try out different things that they find interesting. They constantly try out different things and when they like something they try to do it again and again.

Cats are quiet most of the time and don’t really cause unnecessary havoc. They also sleep most of the time and has a carefree life just like any other cute animal. They are humble, easily trainable, friendly and harmless.

Cats are also referred to as ninjas due to their quick reflexes and flexible body. They also disappear at times and then reappear out of nowhere just like ninjas. How cool is that!

There is a certain misconception that cats bring misfortune and poverty. Many people are afraid of cats and consider them bad luck.

This is not true at all. Cats are one of the most caring and loving pets in the world. They are small, loving animals and there is no way they can bring bad luck and they would never do anything that would harm their owner. They would always be there for you and play with you no matter what.

Although they may pretend to not care about anything and be disinterested, deep down they are big-hearted, lovable cheeky beings.

We can only feel sorry for people who do not like cats since they won’t get to know how cool and awesome cats are. Most cat owners can relate that seeing their cat after a hectic day is the best feeling in the world. There are no problems in the world that your cat can’t solve. It is of no surprise that cats are known as the internet’s favourite animal. There are movies, music, books and even cat statues all over the world.

There is no reason to panic if your pet cat chews your hair at times. Be proud of your relationship and bond with your cat. For all those cat owners whose cats haven’t licked their hair, don’t worry there are other ways through which they can express their love for you.

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