What Are The Best Cat Hair Trimmer in 2022?

Are you a cat owner wondering what the best cat hair trimmer is? Do you wish to groom your cat, but you just can’t figure out where to start? Well, reading on might just help.

Keeping your cat’s hair in good condition is sometimes an uphill task, yet sometimes you have no option.  Depending on the type of cat you own, grooming it at least two times in a week is important and necessary. This is regardless of your cat’s size of hair. Some are long-haired while others are short-haired. Perhaps your cat has become matted, very dirty or you just feel like giving it a little trim. You may have been brushing it so much but still, keep getting knots in the fur.  While taking it to a groomer is a good option, it is costly and some cats detest going to groomers. This necessitates the acquisition of pet clippers, and you must choose the best cat hair trimmer for your cat if you are to achieve your desired results.


Various Types of Trimmers for Your Cat’s Hair

The market is full of different types of cat hair trimmers. The most common are listed below:


Corded: With consistent power, the corded cat hair trimmer performs greatly. However, you must always plug it into a wall for it to function. This makes it harder to use and thus inconvenient. You must always remember where you put the cord and remain careful lest you wrap it around the cat.


Cordless: This type of cat hair trimmer uses removable batteries. It could also use permanent and rechargeable batteries. As much as it is more convenient, its power is less than that of the corded one. Over time, it loses its power as its charge declines. To maximize its benefits, you must always have it fully charged.


Brushless motor: Brushless Electric motors tend to be more efficient as compared to those with a brush. A cat hair trimmer having a brushless motor, therefore, boasts more power than one with a brushed motor.


Kits and bare tools: Some products in this list do not come with any accessories. The accessories are purchased separately. Others however come as part of a given kit containing scissors,  trimming guide combs, combs, and other accessories.



Before identifying the very best cat hair trimmer for your cat, it is important to know the main components.


Housing: This is the main body of the cat hair trimmer. It houses speed controls, power, and other controls. The trimmer is also held here. Expensive models have aluminum housing while the lower-end ones are made of plastic.


Motor: Cat hair trimmers come with different types of electric motors. They include pivot motors, rotary motors, brushless motors, and magnetic motors. The quality and the type of motor in use determines the speed and power of the cat hair trimmer as well as its heat level and noise.

Charging port for the battery:  Some trimmers come with permanent battery charging ports used to recharge internal batteries.


Blade: The blade is found at the housing’s tip. This is what actually trims the cat’s hair. It has a sharp blade that rapidly moves from side to side underneath a metal guard that prevents it from directly contacting the cat’s skin.


Guide Comb: This is a plastic accessory. It prevents the blade from directly coming into contact with the cat’s skin. It also determines the length of your cat’s trim. The longer this guide comb is, the longer the cat’s hair will be after it is trimmed and vice-versa.


More About Blades for Cat Hair Trimmers

Before choosing a suitable cat hair trimmer, it is important to look at the quality and sharpness of the blade. A sharp blade glides over the cat’s skin and hair smoothly without pulling its hair. Such a blade is expensive but offers value for your money. It will also last longer on top of being driven by a very powerful motor. A high-end cat hair trimmer has removable blades that can easily be swapped should they start becoming dull. This way, you can use your cat hair trimmer for years, if not decades.

Additionally, it is important to care for your blade if it is to remain sharp. After every use, clean the trimmer using the brush it came with. If it did not come with one, an old toothbrush can still be used to remove the fur that could have been trapped between blades. After this, get blade oil to lubricate it. This will ensure it does not get damaged or rusty.  Doing this will extend the trimmer’s sharpness and thus the lifespan.


So, Which is the Best Cat Hair Trimmer?

The best cat hair trimmers are strong and do not wear or tear easily. Trimmers that run quietly are preferred by cats because cats are very sensitive to trimmers’ sounds. Should a grooming instrument or equipment vibrate, most cats completely become livid. With all the different available cat hair trimmers in the market, the following are some of the best:


  • Wahl Bravura Cordless Cat Clipper

When it comes to cat grooming, Wahl is a widely known and also trusted name. This trimmer is cordless, allowing you to freely move around during the cat’s grooming. Its battery keeps charge long enough to last you an entire grooming session. You, therefore, don’t have to go looking for its charger in the middle of the session. It comes with a 5-in-1 blade for your length adjustments making the trimming not only easy but fast also. The blade is small with little noise that your cat will not be afraid of. It also comes with a nice storage case.


  • Andis UltraEdge Super 2-speed Detachable Blade Clipper

If you trim your cat’s hair a few times a year, this trimmer is the best for you.  It has a powerful rotary motor that allows the trimmer to be used on all coat types. It is cool and operates quietly thus unlikely to burn the cat’s sensitive and delicate skin. However, this trimmer can be expensive and uncomfortable to hold.


  • Andis ProClip AGC2 2-Speed Detachable Blade Pet Clipper

This Andis cat hair trimmer is corded, has a durable high-quality housing with a very powerful rotary motor. Its blade system is removable, allowing you to swap between different blades and choose the optimum length of coat for your cat. This trimmer works on all types of cats and coats so it’s ideal for a pet owner with multiple pets- both long-haired and short-haired. With its high speed, rotary motor power, sharp, and easy to swap blades, this trimmer can also be used on dogs.

This trimmer, however, does not come with guide combs or other accessories.  Trimming your unruly pets using this trimmer may also be hard due to its thick cord.


  • Oster A5 Turbo 2-speed Pet Clipper

If your cat has long hair, this is the best cat trimmer you can use. It is efficient with adjustable trim speeds between 3,000-4,000 SPM. If your cat’s hair is extremely dirty or most matted, this trimmer is ideal. With its power, this trimmer glides smoothly across the cat’s skin without irritating or pulling it, regardless of its hair size. It makes both the cat and the cat owner happy since the motor remains powerful and runs quietly without excess noise or heat even when the trimming session is extended.

Its pricey additional blades, lack of guide combs, and the heaviness brought about by its high-powered design are some of the disadvantages that come with this cat hair trimmer.


  • Wahl KM10 Brushless 2-speed Professional Dog and Cat Clipper

This is the best cat hair trimmer for matted hair. It could be expensive but worth every coin. It is a professional-grade kind of model intended for your pet’s regular grooming. Its motor is powerful and durable and can last for decades if well cared for. It comes with a speed control feature that is constant, preventing long hair and mats from bogging it down. Its blade is sharp, clipping through the thickest, strongest, and clumped hair mats.


Some of its disadvantages include being expensive, its accessories being purchased separately and its torque and power are too strong for regular trims which don’t require heavy matting.


  • Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper

This trimmer is made as a single-speed model or 2-speed model. Its metal body is heavy-duty and its speed is between 2,100-2,700 SPM. Its blades are detachable thus easy to swap. Its rotary motor stays cool and quiet, delivering consistent speed and torque, fastening even the dirtiest grooming session.


  • Andis ProClip Excel 5-Speed

This trimmer comes in different colors. Animal grooming with this trimmer is made complete with its powerful rotary motor. Cooler running or clipping in sensitive areas can use lower speeds while a nice coat finish will be achieved with a high speed. Its blade is detachable making it easy to clean and change. It is expensive, lightweight, and quite easy to use.


  • Wahl SS Pro Clipper Kit

This trimmer set is single-speed. Its performance is powerful, quiet, and easily cut through thick matted coats. Its speed is 3200 SPM, and its blade is professional and detachable to give you the smoothest finish. It also comes with various accessories such as a blade, blade oil, storage case, two drive tips for replacement, two attachment combs, and a cleaning brush.


  • Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Cat and Dog Clippers Kit

This is one of the best choices for anyone new to cat grooming. It contains everything that you’ll need to start. This cordless trimmer kit includes a comb, scissors, a nail clipper, four comb attachments, and a nail file. It also comes with a  brush for cleaning and blade oil that is useful for its maintenance. Its motor is quiet and it runs for about six hours before it can be recharged. Recharging its battery takes up to four hours. Its blade is adjustable. It is cool and quiet in operation. While it is beginner-friendly, it does not state its SPM and is not powerful enough to do every job.


  • Wahl Pet-Pro Clippers

This trimmer is affordable and costs around $30.  Coming with four blades, cleaning supplies, and scissors, this trimmer is definitely worth your consideration. Its blades are self-sharpening and snag-free. Its motor is also heavy-duty thus able to handle your big grooming tasks.


  • Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Lithium Clippers

This trimmer is lightweight and quite flexible. It contains only a one-speed setting. It is fast, running at a speed of 5,500 SPM. Its Lithium-ion battery is long-lasting and its run time is 90 minutes. While charging, it can be used as a corded unit. You, therefore, don’t have to waste time waiting for it to charge so that you can proceed with your cat’s grooming. Also, charging takes about 60 minutes. However, this cat hair trimmer is not suitable for heavy matting or thick coats, even though it is fast. It has a lot of power to handle small mats and long-haired coats. Its stainless steel blade is adjustable and never heats up.


 Take Away

Choosing the best cat hair trimmer depends on different factors that vary from person to person. People who wish to groom their cats regularly may need more expensive and durable hair trimmers while those who do it occasionally may opt for cheaper ones. Some breeds such as the Persian which have thick fur require powerful trimmers as compared to those whose coats are thinner. Finding the very best cat hair trimmer is not so easy a task. The trimmer you choose will make your cat’s grooming job either simple or difficult.  The difference of course lies in the features of what you settle for. While the market is filled with countless cat hair trimmers, not each of them will work well for you as a cat owner or for your cat. Checking reviews of different cat hair trimmers and asking around for opinions from other cat owners in your neighborhood will help you a lot. This is because ultimately, the best cat hair trimmer is one that is going to meet your needs!

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