Reasons Why Do Cats Love Cardboard Boxes

Reasons Why Do Cats Love Cardboard BoxesYou must hear about the pair of words like love and marriage, peanut and butter, thunder and lightning, horse and carriage then you should know about cats and boxes.

Everyone knows that cats do not like boxes but they love the boxes. You can check the images of cats with boxes on the internet and you will meltdown after seeing the amazing and beautiful pictures of adorable cats with boxes.

You can check the page on Facebook named “Cats in Boxes” and on that page, you can see people from all over the world posts images of their cats with boxes.

Why do cats love cardboard boxes?

Cats indeed have some special attraction with cardboard boxes. Reading or understanding the mind of the cat is too difficult for some cat owners and veterans as well. But the thing cats love about cardboard boxes is not too confusing because it makes sense and there are reasons for this thing.

Let’s have a look at some reasons why cats love cardboard boxes too much?

1.      Cardboard boxes provide security and safety for your cat

The number one reason that cats love cardboard boxes is safety and security. If a cat feels stress or fear then cats like to do hiding and seek to release the stress or stay away from fear. It’s natural for any cat to show this behavior. A cat thinks that when she is in a box no one can sneak up from the side or behind her. The cat can have a direct vision to approach anything.

A cardboard box provides comfort, relieves the anxiety of the cat, and also provides a coping mechanism for your cat. If you own a new cat then you will notice that the cat is not comfortable in the house but she is comfortable in the box because she loves hiding.

You can buy plenty of boxes online from any store but make sure to remember the safety of your cat while buying the cardboard boxes. Many boxes are designed with sections and different levels of cubicles. Your cat can enjoy it while jumping from one cube to another.

According to one research on cats, there were two groups of cats. One group was given a hiding box. Before giving the hiding box the stress levels of cats were checked with the help of stress indicators. After when the cats were done playing with hiding cardboard boxes, their stress levels checked again. The stress levels of cats were very low as compared to cats that do not play in the hiding boxes. The cats which were anxious, frightened, and stressful found comfort and shelter in hiding boxes.

2.      Cats love to play with

The simplest reason why cats love cardboard boxes is they play and have fun with the boxes. A cat can roll the boxes around the home; can jump into and out of the box. A cat can play with toys in the box or can touch the feet of the owner when he passes by the box.

You can give your cat a ball and your cat will be happy for a while but if you give your cat a cardboard box then you will give her the best thing forever. Cardboard box is just like a Disney land for a cat. You can design or decorate the cardboard box as well with different colors of your choice.

3.      Cat’s intuitions are kicking in

A cardboard box satisfies the cat’s predatory instincts. If the cat is wild then she will like to hide and watch the prey or stalk around the prey and then wait for the right jump on prey and then ambush the target at the right time. Domestic cats do not need hunting for their survival or food but they like to do hunting as this is in their wild nature and they feel good playing like a wild cat.

Cats love the comfort but in reality, they are predators and they love to do prey while staying in climate-controlled homes.

4.      Chewing and scratching

Cats are scratchers and everyone knows this truth. Most cats scratch on your bed, couch, curtains, or carpet as well. But if you want your cat to stop scratching on these things then give her a cardboard box. Cardboard boxes are great for cat scratching.

Cats like the way of scratching and sinking their little claws in the box. Most cats have scented paws so when any cat scratches the paws leave a scent there on things. For this reason, cats should have their own place where they can scratch and leave their scent while playing hiding and seeking to mark the territory and space as their own property.

Most of the cats are chewers as well and they love to chew and tear up the different things so it is good to give her a box and with the box, she can fulfill her instincts of chewing and tearing up things.

5.      Cats love warmth places like a Cardboard box

It is very interesting to note that cats love the comfortable place and the place whose temperature is between 86 degrees to 97 degrees. Most homes have temperatures between 72 to 76 degrees and that’s the difference that can cause the cat to feel cold. Cardboard boxes provide warmth to cats and cats feel comfortable living in the boxes. In short, a box is a great insulator for your cat.

6.      Cats love to sleep in cardboard boxes

If you think that you should buy a fancy and expensive bed for your cat then you are wrong and don’t waste money on these things. If you want to give comfort to your cat then gift her a cardboard box which is a very luxurious place to sleep for your cat.

Cats know that they can have a better sleep in the box and at the same time they are secure too. Boxes are the favorite place of the box no matter what type of box is. You will notice that your cat is always around the laundry basket, drawers, suitcases, cabinets, or the place which is like a box. Cat’s love to crawl in small places and you should give her a box at home.

7.      Stress relief

According to experts, when a cat is stressed out or feeling anxious then she hides in small and dark places to get relief. For this reason, cats love cardboard boxes because they are compact and cats can hide in the box. A cat can watch from one angle in the box and can relax in the box.

When you get a new cat, she will try to find a place or shelter where no one can see her, and in this way, a cat adjusts herself in new places. It is recommended to buy a cardboard box when you are going to buy a new cat. Cats show the same reaction when they meet new animals, people or face noises and loud.

8.      Insulation

If you think that cardboard boxes do not provide too much warmth or insulation to your cat then you are wrong. A small-sized cardboard box is perfect for your small cat. You can put your cat in a box if there is cold outside or the cat feels chills. It is perfect to keep your cat in boxes in winter.

You might think that cat will not like the box as her bed but actually, the cardboard box is like a king-size bed for your cat which you can fill with blankets and clothes as well.

9.      Curiosity

The nature of the cats is curious. Every time when you bought a new parcel or anything cat might not be interested in your things but when you order a box and open it in front of your cat then she will jump into the box immediately without thinking anything.

The cat will jump in the box as this is something new and interesting for your cat. They will have fun with a cardboard box. They will chew, bite and scratch it as well. The cat will sleep and sit in the box and play hide and seek. You will see your cat has not had this much fun before with any other toy and you will be surprised how much cats like the cardboard boxes. It’s all about the curious and loving nature of the cats.

10. Angry kitty like the cardboard box

According to experts, when cats are angry or do not like to sit with the owner or any other person then they became disappear for many hours and even days as well. This is the nature of cats when they are anxious or angry they hide in different places where no one can see them.

Most of the people find their cats in the boxes and the conclusion is that “cat in the box”. Cats think that box is the safe zone for her.

11. Cats can be wild indoors

If your cat has wild nature then gifting her a cardboard box is a good choice. Your cat can cuddle and can be wild with the box. Box provides your cat hiding place and in boxes, a cat can express their predators and wild nature.

Large cats also like the boxes too

You might be curious to know whether the large cats like the boxes or not. You will be surprised to know that large cats also love the boxes as much as the small cats. The love of cats for boxes is instinctual.

Large cats also love to enjoy the boxes by jumping in and out and having a quiet sleep in the boxes. Make sure to buy a large box according to the size of your cat so the cat can feel safe and secure in the box.

How to prepare a cardboard box for your cat at home?

If you want to make a cardboard box for your cat at home then you have to take some safety precautions. Let’s have a look at how to make a cardboard box for a cat.

  1. If the box has any staples then take it out as these can harm or injure the cat badly and it will be a painful and ugly puncture.
  2. Remove all the strings, rubber bands, and twine from the cardboard box. These things can cause tangling with the cat’s intestine or internal organs as well which can cause blocking and serious problems to your cat.
  3. Make sure to remove the adhesives and tape from the cardboard box because cats love to bite or chew the box and the tape on the box can be hazardous for the cat. If a cat chews the adhesive or tape then it can cause serious health problems such as blockage of the intestine.
  4. You should make sure that the box is not covered with plastic or anything which contains plastic. Plastic causes difficulty in breathing and the cat will feel suffocated in the box and difficulty in breathing which can also cause the death of the cat.

A safety measure that you should keep in mind

You know that your cat loves compact places like cardboard box so you should take some precautionary measures for the safety of your cat.

  1. Make sure that the box is not near the kitchen or your cat accidentally climbs on the refrigerator or inside the refrigerator just to live in a box place. According to research, there are many cases like that. Make sure to know where your cat is while opening or closing the fridge.
  2. Just like the refrigerator, make sure your cat is not near your washing machine or dryer. Close the washer and dryer after using them.

Final thoughts

As you see, there is a number of reasons why cats love cardboard boxes and it is not a new thing. You should provide your cat a space where she can have fun and can play hide and seek.




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