Cat Litter Tracking: Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021

Cats are the best pets, as you’ll certainly know if you have one of your own. Perhaps your cat-sitting someone else’s cat and want to work up the mess they’ve made, or you’re just curious because you’re thinking about having a cat. Cats are wonderful pets and fantastic house companions, but they are animals, and they litter.

Nobody likes to think about that aspect of owning pets, but it’s an unavoidable part of caring for your animal companion. We all hope that cat litter could mysteriously empty and keep itself clean without our effort, but unfortunately, this is not the case. You’re going to have to clean out the litter box, and it’ll be a chore. This is why a significant number of cat owners are resorting to vacuum cleaners to finish the job and ensure that no cat litter is left behind.

However, what type of vacuum cleaner may be used to clean up cat litter? Is there a safe way to handle them? Take a look at the most popular brands!

T-Series Pet Rewind Hoover Wind Tunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover windtunnel is an excellent choice for pet owners because of its suctioning qualities. It comes with an adjustable brush with five positions that makes cleaning easy for a variety of users. It’s also incredibly easy to operate. On carpets, it mostly works, if not better, than how it works on carpet or tile floors.

When vacuuming large debris, it sometimes blows out rather than taking them in, despite the fact that it sucks up little particles slowly, although it is really effective. It’s also simple to clean. It can be washed with tap water and offers simple filters. It should be able to resume normal operation when cleaned and dried. Furthermore, the vacuum is less expensive than other products on the market, and it is made from recycled plastic.


  • Lightweight and simple to utilize.
  • It’s with a cord recoiling device that works automatically.
  • Manually altering the size is possible.


  • Is ineffective in removing large particles.
  • It doesn’t go all the way to the floor’s edges.

Professional Upright Shark Rotator Corded Bagless Vacuum (NV501)

The Shark rotator vacuum is an inventive vacuum on the market to date. You can use the Shark rotator to elevate a nozzle and move it outside the body. This makes cleaning the margins of the surface a breeze. After being lifted away, the body can be mounted to a canister caddy. It is an exquisite product, despite the fact that it was never advertised as such. It may be used as a stand vacuum also at the same time.

The added premium pet power brush is what appeals to people who love cats. This ensures comprehensive hair and litter suctioning in a single purchase. If that wasn’t enough, the machine’s durability must be tempting, as it comes with five solid years as warranty. It includes a filter system that makes it extremely user-friendly.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Comes with a variety of HEPA filtering systems available.


  • Any hard pull causes Caddy to topple.
  • Unsatisfactory customer service.

Black Decker Dustbuster Cordless Vacuum

A well-placed charger with an in-built lithium-ion battery is included with this product. Despite being highly panned earlier, the innovative charger has gained the hearts of many people because it has much convenience than wall mount. It has a warranty of two years, but with moderate use (stated to be five minutes weekly), it could spend five or six years. The difficulty is that because there are no methods to change the batteries, when the battery dies, the vacuum dies as well.

The vacuum is particularly useful when it’s purchased solely for the purpose of cleaning cat litter. Cleaning cat litter ensures that it is used sparingly. The gadget is crafted to effectively suck up all trash, preventing the litter from clotting inside the device while it is being cleaned. The time spent is around twenty minutes of moderate to heavy use. It’s a terrific tool for picking up little waste, this shows why it’s selected to be a cat littering go-to device. It may also effectively clean pet fur and leaves. The vacuum cleaner may be easily disassembled into five different parts and cleaned.


  • Cat litters are good at cleaning up tiny litter.
  • It’s simple to plug and charge.
  • First runtime is roughly 20 minutes.


  • It is not possible to change the battery.
  • When you use it a lot, it affects its performance.
  • Both vacuuming litter and vacuuming home dust are not appropriate for the product.

Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Cleaner

Bissel PowerEdge is fantastic in being able to quickly suction, to clean off any debris that might be on the floor, no matter how small or large. It is well-known among customers for its design that comes in V-shape. It really works on floor and tiles, as previously stated. It’s a comprehensive vacuum cleaner since the maker put a lot of attention into creating it to mitigate any potential issues. The design guarantees that the vacuum efficiently touches everything in your home.

The issue with the cleaner is just the relatively small cup. You must manually remove it and dump the contents into the air. It could be aggravating at times. Despite the fact that the manufacturer states that their suction is extremely durable, it could weaken over time. Furthermore, the vacuum has extremely lightweight (just seven pounds). It is simple to operate. It’s cord, and this can stretch up to 20 feet. This machine has powerful potentials and can be used to work a long time because it is fitted with a 5 Amp motor.


  • Very durable.
  • Has lightweight with easy operation.
  • Suction capacity is high.


  • Cleaning the cup by hand is inconvenient.
  • Asthma and people with allergies should avoid this product.

Robotic ILIFEV3spro Vacuum

ILIFE built the v3s model, which specializes in vacuuming up pet hair and litter, to be the ideal robotic go-to vacuum meant for the pet owners. this product cleaner is self-cleaning and self-charging. If the filter is replaced once a month, the v3s ps perfect. It is an obvious choice for pet care because it does not include brushes. It vacuums all of it, decreasing the possibility of becoming tangled in the parts. The machine takes care of the floor safely and without causing any harm its parts.

The suction is also very durable relative to other products of vacuums. As a self-sufficient vacuum, it does require some assistance in order to overcome certain hurdles. It is controlled via a remote, which is quite easy and has one button to ensure it’s as simple as possible. It does not employ a voice record to inform the user of what they must accomplish. As a result, it receives mixed reviews, especially since some competitors use a recorded method.


  • Auto cleaning effect is awesome.
  • Sucks up both small and large particles at once.
  • Suctioning without brush keeps it tangle-free and easy to care for.


  • It is not possible to issue a command over the phone.
  • It takes an excessive amount of time to charge.

Eureka AS3030A Pet Upright Vacuum

What you won’t want when buying a standing vacuum for cat litter, is continuously fixing and unplugging it. Eureka has succeeded in mitigating the problem on a broad scale with the AS3030A version. It comes with 27-foot power wire that automatically recoils.

Its suctioning is particularly noteworthy. That makes it an excellent pick, people regard it as a perfect vacuum to clear litter. The suctioning is done via a direct channel that leads right to its nozzle and is both rapid and powerful. In some vacuum cleaners, the motor covers this hoses before blowing the last blow. Notwithstanding, there are some undeniable disadvantages that need to be addressed.


  • Lightweight and inexpensive.
  • A switch that allows manual use of the brush rollers.
  • The 27-foot cord eliminates the need to constantly plug and disconnect.


  • Bulky to transport.
  • It’s impossible to clean below the furniture properly.


Bissell Handheld Pet Hair Eraser  Vacuum (33A1)

The product is specifically designed to assist your pets, and it comes with a pair of attachments, one for hair while the second for litter. The soft nozzle efficiently removes pet hair from the floor, while the other nozzle performs litter removal. It collects dirt using a bagless mechanism, but on the plus side, it is extraordinarily light, weighing only about 5 pounds. The problem is that the cable is just 16 meters long, which may be a disadvantage.

this product is a little longer than typical, but it’s some feet less than most others. The filter system is excellent, it’s an added bonus that comes with the brand. On different floors other surfaces, efficiency equally pleasing. If you’re looking for the ideal answer for your kitty litter, this is the vacuum to choose. The warranty isn’t much, but given the low market price, it could be given a trial.


  • On different floor surface, efficiency just as good.
  • HEPA filtration device designed specifically for pet owners.
  • It’s quite easy to utilize.


  • The power cord is too short.
  • On a firm floor, blows loose debris away.
  • Its bin needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Powered Lift-Away  Shark Rotator TruePet (NV752)  

This product is known for bringing to market cutting-edge technologies that are backed by strong consumer demand. They concentrated their efforts on cat litter and, in particular, pet hair. It is ideal for pet owners who wish to maintain their home clean and neat. It is also with incredible seven-year warranty, demonstrating the manufacturers’ confidence in the product. It is perhaps the best vacuum when it comes to longevity, outlasting almost all other vacuums on the market.

The shark rotator’s pull away pod ensures the litter into the vacuum, which is one of its best features. This is something you won’t find anyplace else on the market. As a result, what your needs are, the trumpet can simply meet them. A wide range of clients have praised the constancy of effective cleaning on various floors. The major disadvantage is that the product is quite heavy to transport. Furthermore, rather than assisting with proper angling, there is some quite of inhibition.


  • To be utilized as a canister or upright vacuum.
  • Because of its powerful suction, it’s a perfect cleaning tool for cat litter.
  • The rope is extremely lengthy and has a vast cleaning range.


  • The product is quite large.
  • Maneuverability is a challenge.


New Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister

Canister vacuums were designed to clean cat litter more effectively than upright vacuums. In general, they are more forceful, and the suctioning is quite intense. They can also more effectively reach the corners and edges of a floor. This is yet another trait that makes it a better commodity to use in the fight against littering. When it comes to taking a quick drop, pets prefer nooks and corners.

This product’s filtration system is also top-notch, making it user-friendly for persons that have allergies. It has some other remarkable characteristics, such as absorbing odors, in addition to being medically friendly. With its active air clean filter, the vacuum cleaner absorbs any undesirable odors while cleaning. Similarly, this feature makes it more appealing for vacuuming cat litters. Its features and unique design enable it to dust both carpeted and hardwood floors.


  • Comes with a high-functioning filtration system that can filter out undesirable odors, making it quieter than most other vacuum cleaners on the market.


  • It’s pricey and comes with a short cord.

WindTunnel  Hoover Anniversary U6485900

With its self-propeller, the product is an extraordinary vacuum cleaner that removes the labor out of vacuuming; even a child can easily manage product. The capacity to clean is sixteen inches, making it more easier to work in a less amount of time.

One of the Hoover interesting features is that it displays green sharp light when all of the dust in a specified region has been removed. In cleaning a hoover, it also flashes a green light. Therefore, the Hoover communication procedure with customers is quite effective. Cat litters are easily cleaned thanks to its powerful suctioning and consumer design, but it also promises to enable you enjoy more with its diversity of functions.


  • 97 filtrations system to trap dust with a 29-foot wire and a propeller for cleaning.


  • The seal isn’t airtight, allowing dust to get back into the apartment.
  • Indicator lights are difficult to transport and are prone to breaking.


A vacuum can have a variety of characteristics. From wires to cordless, from varied functions and features to diverse versions — there’s always something for everyone. Purchasing a vacuum cleaner for your cat litter is a wise decision. You must, however, know precisely what you want to search for in vacuums, how it will uniquely cater to your cause, and how you will arrive at your ultimate conclusion.

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