All You Need To Know About How Tight Should Cat Collar Be?

Many cat owners often think that the whether there, a collar is good for their cat or not and how much tight should it be. There may be numerous questions are roaming in your mind also how do you know that whether your cat collar is tight enough or not. So, today we will discuss that How tight your cat collar should be. So, continue reading till the end to know each and everything about this.

Types of cat collars:

To get the answer to our question we have first to know that what type of collar are you using for your cat. Here are a few types of cat collars that are used most often:

  1. Traditional Buckle Collar
  2. Breakaway Collar
  3. Reflective/light up collar
  4. Flea Collar
  5. Orange Collar

Traditional Buckle Collar:

Most of us know that what a traditional buckle collar is. It is the common collar most often used by cat owners. But they aren’t suitable for cats because if your cat is got stuck up in an object and tries to escape then it can cause injury.

Breakaway Collars:

These collars are specially designed for outdoor cats as it is quite different from the Traditional Buckle Collar as if your cat is wearing a Breakaway Collar and got stuck in an object and tries to escape then it prevents the injury and your cat can easily escape.

Reflective/light Collar:

These are the collars that are best if your cat is outdoor at nighttime as in these collars a special fabric is used that reflects the light coming from any source and shines brightly. In this way, if your cat is being outside in night time or is walking on the road so due to the Reflective Collars the car drivers or other vehicles drivers can see the collar shining and this can prevent any accidental injuries.

Flea Collar:

Flea Collars as indicated from its name they are used to protect your cat against fleas and other organisms that fed on your cat’s blood. Flea Collars are prepared by having chemicals in them that kill any fleas or other bugs near the collar area. Despite of their big advantage, they have a big drawback and that is they can cause skin diseases to cats and are dangerous if your cat swallows it as it uses chemicals to kill fleas.

Orange Collar:

Orange Collars are used to identify a cat that escapes from indoor. They are used to identify your cat if your cat escapes outdoor and is seen by someone then due to the orange collar he/she will know that this is an indoor cat that needs to get back home.

So, now as we know about the collar types let’s move forward to the next step.

What is the safest collar for a cat?

As there many questions were roaming in your mind that what’s the safest collar for my cat?

So, the answer to this is that the safest collar is the one that doesn’t stretch and has a clasp that quickly releases. They were many objects indoor and also outdoor in which your cat can be got stuck so if the collar is not too stretched and have a quick releasing clasp then it would help your cat to escape safely and not being getting injured. As the injuries caused by collars stuck can cause a severe problem like an amputation.

To this the safest collar for your cat is Breakaway Collar.

Why Cat Collar Is important?

  1. A cat with the collar means that It has an owner and is not a stray cat this will be helpful if your cat got lost then people can know that this cat has an owner and have to get back home.
  2. Cats look more beautiful while wearing a collar.
  3. Collars like Reflective/light Collar that have strips that shine in dark can help drivers to drive carefully if your cat is outside or crossing a road at the nighttime.

How do you know that a cat collar is too small?

Now the main question is that how do you know if the cat collar is too small or tight. There is a simple way to know this just slip two fingers between the collar and cat’s neck if your fingers slip comfortably then your cat’s collar is okay but if it is difficult to do this then it is a too small or tight collar for your cat. As a tight collar can cause injuries and suffocation to your cat, so, you have to know how tight a cat collar should be.

What If a cat collar is too loose?

On the other hand, too loose collars are also not good for your cat as if the collar is too loose your cat can get its legs stuck in it and that can also be dangerous sometimes.

How tight a cat collar should be?

Most the collars designed for cats are available in the same sizes that vary from 8 to 12 inches.  Adapters are also in the collars to adjust with your cat’s neck size. First, you have to adjust the adapter to the highest limit and then put it in your cat’s neck and check that whether it is too loose or too tight or is okay means two fingers can comfortably pass through the collar and cat neck.  Remember if your cat is wearing a collar for first the time then maybe your cat will stretch the neck or try to remove it. In such a case, calm down your cat with love and treats to tell them that it’s nothing dangerous and all is well and if you have a kitten then you’ll have to be more careful. If the fingers are comfortably passing then it is an ideal size for your cat but if the fingers are not passing through it easily or the collar is too loose then you have to adjust it with the cat’s neck size. In case the collar is too loose close the adapter slowly and keep a check by finger after every little close. When you see the fingers are now easily passing then stop there. Now, In another case, if the collar is too tight then you may have to get a large-sized collar for your cat because this collar is already at its highest limit but you aren’t able to pass two fingers comfortably between the cat’s neck and collar so it means that this collar is not suitable for your cat. You have to buy a new one in larger size or replace the existing one.

If you don’t get a suitable collar for your cat’s neck size then you’ll have to order a custom cat collar and for that you have to measure your cat’s neck size. Let’s see how to do that!

Measuring Cat’s Neck Size:

To measure the cat’s neck size you need a flexible tape ruler. Once you have that you have put it round your cat necks and take the reading like if you start putting it from the top neck then roll it around the neck and when it again joins the first point take a reading of it. Make sure to not roll it tightly as it can cause suffocation to your cat and then your cat will get afraid that what’s happening so you have to make sure that they are relaxed and calm you did the measurement gently. Once you have measurement then you can use it to order your cat’s custom collar.

At what age, a kitten should wear a collar?

One of the major questions in this topic is that at which age a kitten should wear a collar. As for kittens, they can start wearing a collar once they are 6 months old as younger kittens have a very small necks, and putting a collar on them can cause injuries, and moreover as kittens have baby coat hair a collar can cause permanent hair loss around the neck. For kittens, it is also necessary for you to regularly check the collar by passing two fingers because the kittens are in the growing stage and this may be possible that the collar gets tight after a few months.

What Injuries can the collar cause?

Collars are one of the great accessories for cats but if they aren’t used carefully they can still cause injuries. As a cat owner, you have to care about the collar injuries. Here are a few most common injuries caused by collars:

  1. Hair Loss is one of the biggest issues with cats wearing a collar. If the collar gets tight then it can cause hair loss as when your cat moves her neck get rubbed by the collar and this continuous rubbing can cause hair loss. Long -term hair loss due to rubbing sometimes may cause permanent hair loss around the neck. This can be prevented by regularly checking the collar is not tight and loose enough.
  2. Injuries getting by collar stuck in cat’s mouth is also one of the major problems that can occur if your cat has just started wearing a collar as for a first few days your cat tries to escape from it by stretching neck and by using his/ her legs to put the collar off the neck. For this, you have to keep an eye on your cat in the first few days of wearing a new collar.
  3. As discussed in the previous point cats often tries to escape from the collar using the leg and this can also cause the leg stuck in the collar and can result in severe injuries that are even harder to treat.
  4. To escape from the collar cats often tries to rub their neck against different things or hooks. While doing this if they got stuck in a hook or any other similar thing then it would be also dangerous.
  5. Collars that come with bells, discs, etc. can also be injurious as if these were broken and swallowed by the cat they can be dangerous.


The conclusion is that collars are pretty good and beautiful accessories for cats and they are also very useful but if you have decided that you do want or need your cat to wear a collar, then make sure you choose a collar that is based on “snap-open” system, have a buckle made of plastic. Which helps your cat to release if it got stuck.

If you are an owner of a cat who loves adventures you may lose a collar but your cat will be safe, some of these snap open fastenings are easy to open than others, so choose one that opens easily. It is also important to know how to fit a collar. collars should be strongly fitted, as discussed earlier, only two fingers can be comfortably pass through the collar and the neck. Because, if the collar is too loose then It may cause injuries. If your cat is wearing a collar for the first time then you may experience your cat being the tense and stretching its neck. That’s why if it’s the first time then keep an eye on your cat to avoid any accident. If you have kitten 6 months or older in age then it is much easier to make him used to wear a collar than an adult cat.

Moreover, if you are using a collar for the identification of your cat then International Cat Care recommends getting your cat microchipped as this is permanent and cannot be lost. But there are lots of reasons why owners may think about putting a collar on their cat from making sure they don’t get lost, to protecting local wildlife, became cats are natural hunters.  While choosing a cat collar the quality is the most important thing.  Never choose a collar with poor quality materials as they can be broken easily and are dangerous if swallowed. Always choose a collar with good quality materials.

These are a few points to keep in mind while using this useful accessory for cats. The cat’s collars are to be used with care and required regular checking and attention. In this way, you and your cat both will be safe and happy.

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