Balinese-Javanese Cat Breed

When you talk about a Balinese cat, you draw a portrait of a cat having long and smooth hair, eyes being blue like a Sapphire, and with Siamese coloration. This particular species of cat are widely known for their Siamese long and smooth hair. It is because they belong to the natural mutation of the breed.

So, these Balinese cats are the Siamese cats with their particular Siamese markings and dog-like personalities. It has a luxurious silky fur that may achieve as long as three inches on the feathery tail.

Talking about the short-haired peers, a distinction (hereditary) can be seen between ancestral or old types along with the types that have modern body types. Color variants in the American standard emerged from the shorthair that has further been determined as a separate species. Javanese is the name for the same.

No specific relationship is there between the felines when linked with the Indonesian islands of Bali and Java, the place from where they originate their titles. Comparing with the Siamese, the Balinese are friendly, vocal, joyful, and prying, and a flexible breed.

They are the crossbreed between two cats, related by heredity; their characteristics also become similar to the two cats, i.e., Balinese and Javanese Cat. Thus, they exhibit temperaments and characteristics identical to their parent breeds.


Balinese, the exotic feline species, was named after the brilliant dancers of Bali. However, Javanese do not come from Java but were imaginatively given the title. It’s because of the breed’s connection to the Balinese, as Java is known as the sister island of Bali.

In the late 19th century, the Balinese felines in the United States and Canada are affiliated mainly with the association. CFA approved the US-headquarter acceptance of the two types of Balinese cats, namely Balinese Internationals and Balinese Breeders of their colors that were new.

In 1979, the cats were approved for enrollment but not for the event that is held in the CFA. Around 2008, under CFA explanations, the Javanese was combined with the Balinese. It was then known as the Javanese division.

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The Balinese-Javanese breed has elegant, energetic cats with a lithe, sleek frame, piercing blue eyes, and extended thin limbs. They have a long, glossy, healthy body and a similar Siamese-like triangular face with big ears and a long furry tail. They have almost almond-shaped blue or green eyes but can also be strange-eyed, i.e., one blue, one green, or other colors.

They have one coat of medium-length fluffy fur in solid colorpoint, lynx point, and Tortie-colorpoint. At first, the Cat Fanciers Association classified them as a particular species of cats.

Several breeders wanted to enhance and expand the color variations of their cats by launching new shorthair cats for their breeding projects. Traditionalists liked to maintain their breed. So in 1979, the Balinese-Javanese became a separate breed.

Personality And Temperament

The Balinese – Javanese breed is a highly loyal species and a rare cat easy to train. They are overall solid but are inclined to some of the Siamese-related health problems, but if they are sufficiently taken care of, they will live a very decent and long life (basically, their life span is 20 years).

Moreover, these cats are very tied to their entire family and are usually friendly with unknown people. They are known for their intelligence, friendliness, curiosity, cheerful personality, and striking charm. They are often vocal and relatively demanding by nature for this.

The species arose as a conclusion of a random hereditary mutation in pure crossbreeding. Siamese caused the felines to create a more extended coat type. This species may seem to be the portrayal of improvement, but this beautiful body wins against the heart of a kitty who loves to have fun.

Balinese-Javanese cats love people and want to be with their people. It brings them together as an excellent companion for those who have the time and feel to appreciate this most intelligent, fun companion.

Balinese-Javanese cats are chatty, identical to the Siamese. They are socialites who get along well with children and other four-legged family members.

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These cats may be different from the Siamese in coat length and complexion, but beneath the fur, they are similar. Balinese- the Javanese, are very fond of their people. They like to be “helpful” and will obey you around and oversee your every action. For example, When you are sitting, these little felines will come over your lap, and they will be in your bed at night too.

He is often underfoot, so he might not be a good selection for unstable people on their feet or use a walker. A Balinese- the Javanese, is maybe not very loud, but he is just as opinionated. He will tell you precisely what he thinks, and he needs you to pay attention and act on his guidance. You can also count on him to “tell-all” to visitors.

Select a Balinese-Javanese if you look ahead to spend a moment with and interact with your fluffy. It is a faithful and adorable feline who will pout and pine if given no attention.


A Siamese in every character except for their medium size, furry coat, the Balinese- Javanese also have a unique, elegant tail plume. This long, thin feline is flexible but muscular, with a Siamese-style head, blue eyes, and large, triangular ears.

The unique facets of this exotic breed are the following:

  • This type of breed is more lovable as well as follows their masters by overseeing them.
  • They are extreme and muscular and are playful.
  • They are friendly with the people they don’t know.
  • They are straightforward to groom.


The Balinese-Javanese breed has an ancestral history of the Siamese. But the connection between the cats and Bali and Java Islands is relatively unknown. The Balinese-Javanese breed is considered a healthy breed with very few health issues. Those few health issues include dilated cardiomyopathy, which was rarely noticed among the cats of this breed, but it exists. It’s a disease related to the heart.

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A more common disease among the cats of this breed is Progressive Retinal Atrophy, a condition related to the eye. This breed is considered pedigree, which means it has evolved from a small gene pool of the Siamese breed with a notable long hair mutation. It is the reason why they might have inherited limited disorders from the Siamese. One of the noticeable rare inheritances among both breeds is Strabismus.

Owning a Balinese-Javanese needs care, obviously, and taking care of the health is mandatory. Some more diseases seen in this breed are Liver Amyloidosis which may cause liver failure in these cats. A respiratory problem also occurs like asthma, but it’s not that frequent. Also, taking care of the hygiene of these cats is essential to work.

Wet diets may lead to dental problems which require regular dental care. Apart from everyday health issues which don’t create any danger, the inheritances from Siamese breeds are the reason for most diseases and disorders.

The coating structure of the Balinese-Javanese breed is a soft thick textured coat and an attractive thick plume of a tail. Also, the cats of this breed come in a variety of colors. Their vibrance and their soft skin impart to them their exotic, breathtaking look. Also, thick coats help to maintain a stable body temperature.

Top Cat food for Balinese-Javanese Breed

Every pet requires some extra care as they stay with us all day, and like they make us feel relaxed and energetic, we must look after them. The diets of different breeds are different, and a veterinary specialist can advise you on the best diet.

A vet can prescribe the best diet for your Cat by analyzing its needs and diseases. However, you can refer to the internet, but it’s better to consult experts.

The Balinese-Javanese breed is relatively a healthy breed without few inherited rare disorders. The kittens of this breed must consume average kitten food in the beginning stages. Animals sometimes thrive for proper nutrition, and Non-veg diets are a must to fulfill the protein diet. These cats can also be a bit picky and selective while choosing their diet.

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Chicken diet, Fish diet, Buffalo meat diet, or even a beef diet are suitable for this breed. But the process of serving and how to cook or do it a bit Dry remains up to you as your veterinary doctor must consult it. You can also purchase packed food if you feel lazy to prepare It, but it’s personal.

A non-veg diet is an excellent energy diet for every animal; you might not find a veg animal in the animal kingdom except a few. Pets mostly love non-veg diets, especially dogs and cats, and seafood is a cat thing. Also, these pets are a bit inclined towards wet diets. But, you need to ensure that they don’t suffer from weight-related issues.

How Do You Keep Your Balinese-Javanese Cat Breed Happy?

The Balinese-Javanese breed is a friendly breed to both known people as well as strangers. You can see the social behavior of this cat breed, and you can experience a happy lifestyle with them. But how can you keep them happy? These cats are tolerable towards alone environments.

The lifestyle of this breed is not aggressive or furious. They are calm and friendly towards humans with proper adaptation to their surroundings. These cats arrange and find their comfortable spot and don’t need a designed cat home to stay. It may be a tabletop or anything. They love attention from humans and also love cat companions, but it’s a bit complicated when an owner keeps a Balinese-Javanese cat with other cats.

Separation anxiety is quite negligible in their case as they tend to have a high tolerance towards alone surroundings. They can stay at home for a medium-long period without the owner’s surveillance. But they might get bored a bit for sure.

There is a reason why you must not worry about leaving them at home and going somewhere nearby. The Balinese-Javanese breed is quite intelligent and affectionate. But don’t think they will stay without some refreshments. Entertainment is a must for them with family members and a bit of toys and stuff.

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These cats can be trained too. They don’t require much attention while learning anything. Because of their active and intelligent nature tend to grab things faster, like commands from owners. These cats are considered proper beginning pet cats or family cats due to their adaptive behavior with humans.

Leaving them alone may prove to be a break for you but make sure you don’t do it for so long. They might create distressed behavior for the Cat as they also love to grab attention. So you must provide better engagement and create a friendly environment around them.


So after learning about all the aspects of this breed, we can include that these cats are perfect pets. You can keep this Cat as your first pet due to its less violent and aggressive behavior. Also, keep looking after the health-related issues and disorders.

Animals cannot speak for themselves, but they can give you hints about their issues. Grab those hints and consult experts about such changed behavior. Keep them happy by providing them continuous attention and also provide a quality diet to enrich their activeness. All these combined may give you a happy and comfortable life with a Balinese-Javanese breed cat.


  1. Who are the Ancestors of Balinese-Javanese breed cats?

         The ancestors of Balinese-Javanese breed cats are Siamese Ancestors.

  1. What is the nature of this breed?

         They are happy, active, friendly, and less aggressive.

  1. Do they love humans?

         This breed is a friendly breed with comfortable behavior with both known and stranger people.

  1. Are they prone to diseases?

         This breed doesn’t possess many diseases but few disorders and inherited variations from their ancestors.

  1. Is Balinese-Javanese a safe breed?

         Yes, it is a safe breed and also suitable for a perfect pet.

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