All You Need to Know About Bombay Cats

Bombay cat is as pretty as a picture black cat. It is a crossbreed between Burmese and black American short hairs. Breeder Nikki Horner of Louisville, Kentucky, developed this crossbreed in the late 1950s. The goal was to achieve a sleek, shiny black cat with an uncanny resemblance to an exotic black panther. Bombay is a city of India that is also the homeland of exotic Black panthers. These cats are also called mini panthers due to their resemblance.


Bombay cat looks a lot like Panthers. It has a jet black shiny coat of hair from head to toe. It is so black that even its nose, whiskers and foot pads are black. Its appearance is similar to Burmese but slightly thin and long. It has a round head, round-tipped ears, and beautiful golden copper eyes.

It is interesting to note that although famous for their black coat, some kittens are born white or with white patches. Over their first year, their fur coat darkens up into the exotic black colour of a wild panther.


On average, it weighs between 8 to 15 pounds. It is about 8 to 13 inches in height. Males are big than females weighing about 12 to 15 pounds, while females weigh between 8 to 12 pounds.

Life span

It is a rare breed, healthy cat with generally no major health issues. However, it tends to get plump if provided unsupervised food without calorie count. As a general rule, it has a healthy life span of 9 to 15 years.


Bombay cats have a slower development rate as compared to other cats. It does not reach its maturity until two years of age. A healthy and balanced diet will ensure healthy growth. It requires a protein-rich and low carbohydrates diet to keep its development on track.


Like all other animals, Bombay cats are prone to many bacterial and viral infections. Through vaccines, we can prevent any such calamities. You also need to ensure regular veterinary appointments. The vaccines ensure the healthy lifespan of cats.

You should keep regular visits to your veterinary even if your cat is healthy.

Spay or Neuter

Cats need to get spayed or neutered to avoid any complications. It is the process of neutering male cats. In this procedure, testicles are removed surgically from male cats. Similarly, the uterus and ovaries of female cats are removed surgically. By spaying or neutering your pet cat, you can eliminate the many chancing of growing cancers for them. Moreover, it eliminated the chances of unwanted pregnancies and the complications involved with it. The procedure also helps cats to become less territorial and more amiable.

Fond of Warm Weather

Bombay cats are particularly fond of warm weather. It likes to take sunbaths. It also enjoys a stroll on a hot sunny day or lazy lying near a hot spot.

Loves to play

Bombay cats are friendly and love to play. It loves climbing and needs a lot of activities to keep it occupied. It likes indoor and outdoor play.

Social animal

They are known as velcro cats as they are social animals. It loves walking after its owner and grows a special bond with them. They are inseparable from their loving owners and like to reciprocate love. They are also good towards strangers. Unlike other cats, these are comfortable in the presence of strangers. It does not shy away when a new face comes into their home. They will probably greet the guests at the door with their tails wagging.

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Afraid of Solitude

These social creatures do not like living alone. They may develop anxiety or depression if left alone for long periods. It is not a high maintenance cat but, it needs social stimulation. You cannot ignore it or keep it in solitude. If you need to be away for long periods, make sure that you leave toys to keep them entertained.

Attached to owner

Bombay cat gets attached to its owner and reciprocates love and affection. It is the most suitable pet for kids because of its friendly nature. They are an apt pet for large families with kids because of their amiable nature.

Loud purrs

It has a loud vocal range and purrs like a big fellow. They love to make noises when they are among their owners. It also makes excessive meowing or crying so, be prepared.


Bombay cats actively respond to their owners talking. They meow back and chat to their owners in their voice as if they are having conversations.

People love them for their ability to hold conversations and their talkativeness.

Intelligent Furry Fellows

Bombay cats are intelligent jet black furry fellows. They are great pets and friends of humans. They like playing games with humans. They are playful creatures and, we can train them to play fetch or to perform certain tricks. They also enjoy taking a stroll on a leash.

Loyal feline fellows

Bombay cats are loyal creatures that develop a special bond with their human family. It also tends to pick one favourite member in their household. Due to its intelligence, it notices your absence and could be awaiting your arrival. You must be ready to meet your favourite pet on your door, greeting you. It likes to welcome you by brushing itself against your legs and resting at your feet.

Emotionally Sensitive Cats

Bombay cats are intelligent fellows that makes them sensitive to feel loneliness and anxiety too. They are particularly emotional fellows that need a lot of your time and attention. They need healthy, playful activities to keep themselves entertained or else they could get bored. They need a lot of mental and physical stimulation to remain happy and healthy. In the absence of such activities, they can go into depression.

Trained to walk

Cats also need physical activity and, Bombay cats are specifically fond of walks. It loves to walk on a leash and wander around the neighbourhood.

Lap cats

Bombay cats love human companionship and are fond of sitting in their owner’s lap. It circles your legs and sees you with its golden glittery eyes until you can not resist any longer. They are always ready to sit in your lap and for a cuddle session.

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Tolerant of other pets

Although dominating in nature, it gets along very well with other pets in the household. It also adjusts well in new places or among new people, as long as you giving them ample time.

Loves Staring

These furry creatures love to hold a gaze. They like staring at humans, pets or other random objects for long periods. Some people can get scared and think it is creepy to get stared at by a black cat but, it never has any bad intention. It just loves staring at diverse objects and studying them.

Loves Burrowing

These domestic creatures love to burrow themselves under a pile of clothes. It loves to spend time hiding in your comforter. It is an especially perfect setting if you like to snuggle your pet while sleeping.

Self groom

This beautiful cat with exotic black fur does not need baths. It can self groom itself. It can go without baths for many days or months even. Brushing once a week is enough for its beautiful black fur. It also sheds less than an average cat. Thus, making it an ideal cat for households.

Tendency of Obesity

They are particularly fond of food and could eat large quantities of food if left unattended. They tend to get obese that further can cause serious complications. Obesity in cats can lead to arthritis, diabetes, and a liver disease called hepatic lipidosis.

Recommended diet

They also tend to get fat so, special care is essential to ensure a healthy cat. It needs a high protein and low carbohydrate diet to guarantee a complete nutrition diet.

Recommended daily amount is 3 to 6 cups of high-quality cat food. You can administer food into two equal meals.

Two Types of Bombay Cats

There are two breeds of Bombay cats. One is known as American Bombay cats, while the other is known as British Bombay cats. American Bombays was achieved by crossing a Burmese with a Black American Shorthair. On the other hand, British breeders crossbreed Burmese cats with black domestic cats.

Both breeds are similar to each other with slight differences. The main difference that is apparent to a layperson lies in its eyes. The British Bombay cats have iconic golden copper eyes. On the other hand, the American Bombay cats have beautiful green eye colours.

How to Take Care of Bombay Cats

It is easy to look after a Bombay cat like all other cats. No special care is required. You would need usual things to look after when you have a cat at home, including taking care of its diet.

  • Make sure you give her a healthy diet in adequate portions as it tends to put on weight. This putting on weight can further cause complications in cats.
  • Also, make sure that it gets plenty of exercise and playtime. As it is a social and playful cat, it requires constant and consistent playtime every day. You have to make sure to play with your cat. If you cannot allocate a daily 15 minutes to play with your cat, you should probably opt for some other cat.
  • You have to make sure to brush your cat’s teeth daily. Bombay cats have good teeth. And with proper care, it will have good oral health. You can use a cat toothbrush or a cotton bud to clean your pet’s teeth. Make sure to use pet-friendly toothpaste as our regular toothpaste can upset the cat’s stomach.
  • Check its ears weekly for any signs of infection. Also, regularly clean them.
  • As Bombay cats are shorthaired cats, they only require grooming their hair once a week. You may assist your pet in grooming. You may use a brush to remove any shedding hair attached to the body. You have to gently comb her hair and make it a pleasant and bonding experience for both. Brushing her hair will further enhance her shine.
  • Cats have a strong sense of smell. Make sure that you provide a clean litterbox to them. Make sure to clean the litter box at least daily. Also, if there are multiple cats, every cat should have her litterbox.
  • Make sure to keep your mini panther hydrated. Like humans, pets need an adequate amount of water too. If you notice that your cat is dehydrated or not drinking enough water, try adding ice cubes to her water.
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Question 1:

Are all black cats Bombay cats?


All Bombay cats are black but, that does not mean that all black cats are also Bombay cats. It is a crossbreed between Burmese and black American short hair.

Question 2:

Do Bombay Cats need to bathe?


Fortunately, they do not need baths. They self groom themselves. You may only need to brush its fur coat once a week. Your cat may only require a bath if it gets into any mud etc.

Question 3:

Do Bombay cats like to be held?


Bombay cats are friendly, companionable and loyal. They love interacting with humans and reciprocating love and like getting held. They are very genial and amiable towards humans, their owners. They also love sitting in humans laps and are big fans of cuddling and snuggling. They recognize their owners and give benevolent gestures of love and affection.

Question 4:

What do Bombay Cats like to do?


Bombay cats are active, playful and friendly fellows who love to see the outside world. They like sitting on the window sill, watching the outside world. They love climbing and high-intensity playtimes that involve plenty of movements. They are like the panthers of our households.

Question 5:

How long does a Bombay cat live?


The average life span of a Bombay cat is about 15 years. But as they are healthy cats, some cats can live up to 20 years.







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