Interesting Things About Cats That You Should Care About

Human beings have failed to understand the mystery around cats. The cat is one of the oldest pets, which existed more than 9,500 years ago. The cuteness, nature, and enigma personality of cats turned them into popular pets. Most households around the world keep cats as a pet. There is a special place in many hearts for cats. Some people love them to the extent they are part of the family. You might find a household with cats but does not have children.  Since there are so many cats, you might think you know everything about them. Right? Well, you have not heard even half of all of the things about cats. After reading this section, you are sure to know more about cats and their enrichment.

Making Your Home Cat Friendly

It might not hit your mind that you need to change a few things once you get a cat. It might feel like just another pet, such as fish which requires minimal home changes. A cat is just like a baby. It would help if you made your home pet or cat friendly before getting it. You increase the chances of survival for your cat if you do the changes. Below are a few things to consider when making the changes.

Provide Your Cat a Cocoon to Hide

Cats are silent, mysterious animals. It is not understood why they get away to their special areas for several hours. However, it may be their way of recharging. Since it will spend most of the time in the little space, you want it cozy.  You have to provide your cat a cocoon to snuggle away. A hideout might not be necessary but something out of plain sight. Your pet will thrive on it.

Offer an Interesting Room

Your cat loves looking out of the window. It gives the cat a sense of being outside in nature. Ensure you have a point in the room for your cat to a lookout. Your cat would enjoy a perch. It is hard to know what your cat thinks when they stare out of the window. It is important to take note of other cats in the neighborhood. Stray cats or any other cats can disrupt the tranquility of your adorable cat.

Create a Vertical Space For Your Cat

You will be surprised how cats enjoy climbing in high places. Your cat’s world and the view will be greatly expanded. When choosing and creating space for your cat, the greatest factor is to make sure there is vertical space. The space will open up in the cat’s view. It is also suitable for a household with many cats. A fort will encourage your cat to exercise and keep them busy. Indoor cats do not have space to jump around. Therefore, a vertical space will bring it into an aspect.

Dining Experiences

A lot of dishes are not cat-friendly. Some dishes do not have allowances for your cat’s whiskers. Cats love a very stylish life. Even the slightest discomfort could affect how they eat. Ensure you purchase a dish with a low side to dining experience whisker-free.

MultiBathroom Home

The clean nature of cats forces them to always clean or cover up after they use the bathroom. It is the reason why you should always change the litter frequently. The number of litter boxes in your house should be more than one. Strategically place the litter boxes in rooms the cat stays or spends most of the time. When purchasing litter boxes count the number of cats in your home and add one. Place one in the place you spend most of your time.

Any odor or dirt in the litter box may drive away from the cat. So ensure you have a litter box that is odorless. Cleanliness is the key when taking care of your cat’s bath

Conveniently Place Scratching Pads

You may have scratching pads for your cat in certain areas. However, your cat seems to love scratch any other thing apart from the scratchpad. It shows that you have not placed the pads in your cat’s convenient place. Marking territories is common in cats. You want to place the scratchpad there. Your cat will no longer destroy your precious household items.

Learn to Pet Your Cat

Cat fur is silky and soft to the touch. Just by seeing it, you getthe temptation to pet the cat. Petting your cat in the right way has always been overlooked by most people. Some may think they know their cat well enough. However, cats have a way they want you to pet them. It is a form of guidance on the right places to pet. Pets feel uncomfortable but do not have the means to tell you about it. A strong sense of discomfort can lead to a shrill or even biting. Therefore to avoid such a situation, follow your cat’s direction.

Stroking your cat gives you a therapeutic feeling. To know if your cat wants you to pet it, place your hand down. If it comes and rubs against your hand, it needs some petting. Do not stare directly at your cat while doing this. It may feel threatened. The cat will come to you and sniff your hand, and walk away. It means that it does not need petting at that time. At times the cat will rub its whole body on you. At this moment, it needs to be petted.

Ever wondered why your cat rubs its head on you? Head rubbing is a form of communication in cats. It is trying to send a message by depositing pheromones on you.

The best places to pet your cat are near its scent glands. The scent glands lie in the face in places with less fur. Your cat will enjoy your pet between its eyes and under the chin. You may have noticed that any attempts to pet your cat on its tummy and tail have all been vain.

Cats do not like being a pet in the two areas. When you see it expose its tummy,please do not mistake it for an invitation to touch. However, cats are different; most of them hate petting on the belly.

Enrichment Tips for Cats

According to a recent study, cats have a half enriched life.  Thus people need more information on how to make their cat’s life better. The common ways of enriching your cat’s life are through interaction with other people, prey like toys, and providing a high way up for the cat. People are missing out on some of the important aspects of enriching their cats’ lives. Here are some ways or things you would want to provide to your cat for enrichment.

Provide Water at a Separate Point from Food

Cats love their water away from their eating points. Contrary, most people place water points adjacent to food areas. It is healthy to provide moving water and still water for your cat. Moving water is one place in a dripper. Still, water is the one place in a bowl.

To reduce tension and stress during feedings, place water in a quiet area.

Play, Groom, And Petting

Most people provide playing, groom, and petting opportunities for their cats. Cats require an all-rounded life where they get played with and cleaned. If you do not groom your cat, it will makeyou susceptible to diseases. Cats, just like most pets, are at risk of getting pests. The most common pest in cats is fleas.  Your cat may also start coughing hairballs during self-grooming. Therefore it is important to groom your cat often.

Other ways of enrichment for further enrichment of your cat’s life scientists recommend:

  • Using scents
  • Videos or television for cats
  • And rotating toys so that the cat cannot get bored
  • Your cat does not always have to sit there bored you can always use the above to make it feel pampered.

How to Make Your Cat Happy

Every pet owner wants to have a happy pet. Unfortunately, a few of them know the way to happiness for their pet. Most people think that giving so much to eat will make their pet happy, which quite the opposite is. For your cat to be completely happy, you should provide social interaction with other people on top of every other thing you give it.

Therefore it is right to say that your actions highly affect the well-being of your cat. Interaction between animals and humans is important. As the owner of the pet, you should reduce any harmful experiences for the cat. Any negative experiences might stress up your cat.

How to Find Your Missing Cat

A cat automatically becomes part of your family once you get it. You can take care of it and ensure it does not go astray or get harmed. There is little research about what to do when you lose your cat. Indoor cats easily go astray, especially when they are not being watched.

Install any identification on your cat, such as a tag. A tag contains your contact information with the pet’s name. If any person finds the cat, returning it will be easier if it has a tag. Some people argue that tags can cause harm to the pet. The design of a collar is made to ease breakaway in case your cat is in trouble. Train your cat to wear a collar when it is still a kitten. Adult cats may not be comfortable with collars if they are not used to them.

Another way strategy to identify your cat is using tattoos. The ideal place to draw a tattoo on your cat is on its ear. However, with time the tattoo gets difficult to read.

A modern way to track your cat is using a permanent way, a chip. A chip is implanted on your cat’s body in the area you prefer. When you decide to use a chip, you ensure it is registered and updated regularly.

Tips for Finding Your Missing Cat

It is not wise to chase your cat after it runs out of the door. The best thing is always to have your cat’s insight and lure the cat to come to you. The next thing is to try lowering your hand and see if the cat comes to you. It would help if you avoided direct eye contact as it scares them. Make a sound they love like shaking a treat bag. If the cat spends most of its time indoors, there are chances it could come back.

When you are unsure where your cat is, try searching in the house, inside wardrobes, and under furniture.

Fun Facts about Cats You Did Not Know

  • Veterinary Hub states that cats spend most of their lives sleeping, about 70 percent. It means that cats spend 13- 16 hours per day sleeping.
  • When a pet cat died in Ancient Egypt, all the family members would shave their eyebrows as a sign of mourning.
  • Tigers share about 95.6 percent of their genetics with household cats. It includes the behaviors, scent, prey, and urine marking.
  • A cat can move up to a speed of 30 km/h. A charging kitty may not seem to move pretty fast, but when measured, it is fast.
  • Astrocat was the first cat to go to space in 1963.
  • The oldest cat lived up to 38 years and three days.
  • Cats can walk like giraffes and camels. They move the left set feet first, followed by the right. The walking sequences move half of their body at the same time. It is a sequence used by giraffes and camels. The other four-legged animals move their legs in a different sequence.
  • The world ever longest cat was 48.5 inches.
  • One of the world’s richest cats was valued at about 7 million pounds. It happened after his owner, a millionaire, did not acknowledge his family when he passed away.

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