Are Egyptian Mau cats hypoallergenic?

Are Egyptian Mau cats hypoallergenic? Egyptian Mau is a breed of cat that is known for its low allergen levels and friendly temperament. This makes them perfect for people who are allergic to cats or have asthma. The Egyptian Mau can live up to 20 years and are known for being playful, intelligent and sociable.

The Egyptian Mau is a medium to a large-sized cat with an athletic build. They can be any colour, but all mau have some sort of spotted or marbled pattern. The spots or marble colour usually cover the whole body and if you look hard enough, you can find little black dots in it. Males weigh between 10-15 pounds, while females weigh between 7-10 pound. The average height of a Mau is 14.5 inches for males and 13.5 inches for females, but they can grow much bigger than this if they are allowed to eat freely or have the genes to encourage it.

Egyptian Mau originated in Egypt from wild cats that lived on the Nile River. The most important part of a Mau’s life is their instinct to hunt. They were bred for this reason and when they catch something, like a toy mouse, they are very proud of their work and will show it off to you or toss it up in the air and bat at it with its paws. Their desire to hunt comes from their natural instinct to stay alive and healthy.

Even though the Egyptian Mau originated in Egypt, they are not as common there due to their large size. Some people think it’s a sign of wealth if you have them because they are rare and hard to get your hands on. Due to this fact, most mau owners travel far distances to get one and have them shipped back home.

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The Egyptian Mau is known for its low allergen levels compared to other cats such as the Persian because they don’t produce dander. This makes them perfect for allergic or asthma people, or even if you just want a furry companion. The Egyptian Mau can live up to 20 years.

The Egyptian Mau is very intelligent and if you have one from a young age, it will learn quickly.

They are naturally playful and very social so they love attention from their owners. It’s important that your mau can trust you because if it doesn’t it may become shy or aggressive.

The Egyptian Mau is very protective of its owner and their home, but it’s not a guard-like cat.

It will hiss, growl or swat at anything that comes near you such as a person who wants to hurt you. Usually, mau only show aggression if they have something to protect, like their owner, children, or home.

Due to its need for affection and playtime, the Egyptian Mau is a great companion pet. They’ll happily play with you and even sleep next to you if you let them close enough. It likes nothing more than to snuggle up beside you when it’s time to sleep so it’s a great choice if you don’t like to share your bed with a pet.

Due to the fact that the Egyptian Mau is very affectionate and protective of its owner, it needs a lot of attention from you. If you can spend most of your day playing or snuggling with them, they will be pleased and healthy.

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The Egyptian Mau is a hypoallergenic breed of cat.

It doesn’t have the dander that other breeds do, meaning it will not aggravate allergies or asthma symptoms like some cats do. The Mau has less allergen than what is found in a dog or rabbit so it’s a popular choice for someone who has severe allergies.

The Egyptian Mau is a hyper breed

This means that they have a lot of energy and they like to play often. If you do not give them enough exercise and attention they may become aggressive or lonely. A good way to keep your mau entertained while having a nap is by providing it with a fun, interactive toy.

If you do not want your Egyptian Mau to be so energetic and playful I would not recommend getting one because they love being active and super excited about everything going on around them. If you cannot keep up with their energy level, consider getting an older cat because its energy will decrease as it gets older.

If you have other pets such as dogs or other cats I would not recommend getting an Egyptian Mau because they are very protective of their owners. If they do not trust your family members, it will most likely attack them and become aggressive. It’s best to keep this breed away from other animals until it is well trained to know that it cannot harm them.

The Egyptian Mau is very intelligent and can easily learn tricks or commands that you give it.

They are a bit stubborn though so if they don’t want to do something, then they will not do it, no matter what. If you are trying to teach your mau a trick make sure that you give it lots of treats because if it doesn’t want the treat, then it won’t do anything for you.

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It’s best to train your mau when it’s a kitten, but if you don’t want to wait until then that is fine because they can still learn how to do tricks or commands at any age. If you teach your cat a trick and it does something else other than the desired action, just try and keep trying, maybe with some treats to help persuade it.

The Egyptian Mau is a very healthy breed so they rarely get sick, but it is usually easily treatable when they do.

They are prone to eye infections and ear mites though so if you see your cat rubbing its eyes or shaking its head a lot then take it to the vet because it may have an eye infection.

If your mau has an ear mite problem you will notice a greyish-colored residue on their ears or face, and it’s best if you take them to the vet as soon as you see this. If they have ear mites, then you can buy items at the pet store that you can use to treat it, or else take them to the vet.

For any other problems you have with your mau, make sure that you get it checked out by a veterinarian because if left untreated, an infection could spread very quickly and become very serious.

The Egyptian Mau is also susceptible to kidney disease, which means that it is important to keep an eye out for signs of this disease.

When your mau’s kidneys are starting to get weaker you will start seeing symptoms such as a loss in appetite, dehydration, and depression. You will also notice that their waste (urine) will be very dark brown or even black and it will start to smell very bad. If you notice that your mau is doing things such as vomiting, peeing outside of its litter box, or showing these other signs then take it immediately to the vet because these are all symptoms of kidney disease.

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If your cat has kidney disease, there is the medication that can help slow down the effects and improve your cat’s health. The medication is given once daily for a period of time and all the vet will have you do is observe your cat in hopes that it gets better.

If any problems such as kidney disease persist, consider putting your mau to sleep because they will not survive for very long if left untreated. This is a very common disease that Egyptian Mau’s develop, so it’s best to be prepared for it when you get one.

The Egyptian Mau is not an indoor cat and they have been known to escape through small holes in the walls or windows. If you want your mau to stay inside then make sure that you block all the possible holes for escape. If you don’t want your mau to go outside, it can be trained, but it doesn’t take very long and they are usually good at remembering what you teach them.

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