Reasons Why Cats Meow

Cats are independent by nature. They don’t want to be controlled in any way, and so they often try to communicate with their owners through the most wonderfully frustrating tactic: “meowing.” Humans love cats because of this trait (and many others). They are quirky and individualistic, always surprising us. And while we know that cats are communicating with us non-verbally, it is not always clear what they are trying to tell us.

So why do cats meow?  We have compiled a list of some reasons why felines are vocalizing at their owners and human companions:

Because he wants something – This is the most common reason people give for a cat’s meow. Many cat owners often say their pets are “pleading” for something when they meow for food, a treat or attention. Cats who love to be fed may cry out more often than cats who are less dependent on human care and affection. The argument is that since the cats don’t have to hunt for their food or supplies, they rely on humans more than other animals. However, this is not entirely true – cats who are well-fed and comfortable will meow for attention.

Cats use different pitches of voice to attract their owners’ attention. Many people have described the sound as a “cry” or a “beg”. Even if it is just for a treat, it is nice to be acknowledged.

Because he is in pain – Cats are very stoic and may not show signs of pain when they are ill or injured. Humans may have no clue that their pet has hurt themselves until they hear them cry out in pain. If this happens, make sure your cat gets checked out by the vet. If he is in pain, the sooner treatment begins, the better for both of you.

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He wants to be left alone – On the other side of the spectrum are cats who meow at their owners because they want attention and affection. These cats may find any excuse to interact with their loved ones, even if they need something. If these cats are ignored, they may eventually stop calling out for attention.

Because it is dinner time – Similar to dogs, cats often wake up before their owners in the morning and also just before dinnertime. Some pet owners have even gone so far as to say that their pets seem to know exactly what time a meal will be served.

Because they are bored – Many cats become very vocal when their owners are away all day at work. They may not understand why they cannot be with their people and get frustrated. This is a good time for cat owners to bond more with the pets by setting aside some quality time each day to pet them, play games or simply cuddle.

Because he doesn’t like something – Cats may even meow at people who are not their owners. They can be very territorial and if they don’t like the way someone is acting around them, they let him or her know. This could be because of something another animal has done, or simply an unknown person in their territory.

This should not be ignored, especially if the cat is hissing, growling or otherwise showing signs of aggression. Cats can become very aggressive and even dangerous to other people and pets when they are protecting their territory.

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Because he wants to play – Some cats meow because they want to play with their owners! However, most people consider this to be annoying and don’t like being pestered by their pets. But if you have a cat who just wants to play, don’t hesitate – get out the toys and encouragement!

Because he is lonely – Cats are very social animals who enjoy family life. The company of other cats or even humans is sometimes comfort enough for them. If a cat is left alone all day or only has interaction with one person, they may be feeling lonely and want some company.

Because he is sick – If your cat starts to meow more often than normal, pay attention. Cats’ voices change when they are in pain, ill or need medical care. Some cats also start to lose their appetite, have a fever and other signs of illness. Often the owners will notice the difference in voice before any physical changes are noticeable.

Because he wants to go outside – This is one of the biggest reasons why cats meow at their owners, especially when they are young. Cats are very curious and love to explore their surroundings. At the early stages of development, they tend to be very adventurous. Owners often have a hard time keeping them indoors until they are old enough and responsible enough to get along with outside cats or to protect their food from other animals.

Because he is trying to tell you something – Most people believe that cats simply meow because they want something, such as food or attention. While this can be true, sometimes the cat may simply want to communicate something to his owners that he cannot put into words. If you are ever unsure what your cat is trying to say, it is always a good idea to watch his body language and other behaviors when he meows at you.

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He wants windows closed – Many cats are afraid of storms and will naturally meow more when bad weather is approaching. This behavior stems from a time long ago, when they may have been safer in their burrows during the storm. Today’s domesticated felines still hold these fears and try to get their owners to do what they can’t – hide under the bed until the storm passes.

Because he is social – Some cats meow to gain attention and sociability from their owners, much like a toddler crying for his mother. These cats are very dependent upon attention from people, especially those who do not give enough of it. While this type of behavior can be annoying to owners, it is important that they do not ignore it. Cats who don’t get enough social interaction can become neurotic and may use other forms of misbehavior to try to gain attention.

Because you are ignoring him – If your cat is meowing at you and you continue doing what you are doing, he will most likely start either pawing at you or rubbing against your legs. This is a form of communication that says, “I see you, but you are ignoring me.” Even if he has food or something else in his mouth, he may still prefer to interact with you over it.

Because he wants your attention – Sometimes a cat will simply want your attention for no particular reason at all. They love the affection and praise from their owners, just like a dog would. If your cat meows at you for no reason, it may be because he simply wants some quality time with you!

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We have covered the different reasons why cats would meow. Understanding them will help you deal with them better.

But remember this: Every cat is different and every situation is unique. Your cat may not fit any of these descriptions or even a combination of them! The only way to tell for sure what your cat needs is to spend time with him and try to understand his point of view.

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