How To Get Your Cat To Stop Biting You

 I know how frustrating it is to have your cat bite you. I’ve been there too! Let me tell you my story about what works for me with my particular cat, and then if that doesn’t work, I’ll give you some other tips. In the past, when my kitty would get into a fight with another animal or play too rough, she would start biting me on accident.

We’ve all seen those YouTube videos where cats go crazy and claw at people, but in our case, it was just her way of playing aggressive-style. When this happened, I used to blow up at her and scream “no!” which obviously wasn’t very effective because she continued doing it time after time.

So here’s what works for us – every time she’d get rough with me, I started using a “mock punish” technique. It’s called mock because you’re not actually hurting her (obviously.) What you do is grab the scruff of her neck and gently shake it back and forth while saying “no!” As long as your hand that’s holding onto her neck isn’t too tight and you’re just using enough force to make her shake, I think she will be able to tell the difference between this technique and the real thing.

The good part about using a mock punish is that it’s immediate. You can’t count on your verbal corrections to sink in because if you’re anything like me, I usually forget what I was even trying to say after being bitten by my cat. With this technique, I use a short sentence like “no!” so it sticks in my head better, and I won’t have the chance to mess up an entire rambling speech about why she shouldn’t bite me. Also, if you catch her biting right after she does it, chances are she’ll still be in fight mode, so she’ll react more strongly to this technique than if you catch her an hour later when she’s calmed down.

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I recommend that you not use treats or toy rewards after doing this because it could confuse your cat. Treats are a reward for good behavior typically, whereas this technique is a punishment. I’m not saying that you can’t reward your cat afterward; just don’t make it a habit.

My second tip is if you’re getting a bite to the face, then use your dominant hand (usually the left hand) to gently grab onto her head and push her muzzle away from you at the same time as you’re saying “no!” This will help to stop her from biting your face.

If you’re getting bites on your arms, then use the same mock punishment technique and be aware of where she’s biting (like away from bones or joints.)

To finish up, I want to talk about cats in general because I know how frustrating it can be when they bite. When we’re close to our cats (like when we’re petting them, and they get too excited), they can bite us, but it’s usually not on purpose. It’s intuitive for them; they just don’t realize that we’re a part of the family. But if you use these two techniques regularly whenever your cat bites you, then she will learn that biting humans isn’t acceptable ever.

I know it can be hard to remember what triggered the bite sometimes so you might want to have someone in the house videotape your cat when she bites you and then shows her the video of herself. I think this is a helpful technique for cats, especially if they don’t realize how hard they’re biting you.

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If she still bites a lot after using these techniques, then I recommend that you go to your vet and get her checked out. She could have an infection or something else in her mouth that’s causing the biting – if this is the case, you should be able to solve it with medication from your vet.

It’s important to note that if she bites hard enough to tear skin or draw blood, then you should take her to a veterinarian. Cats will sometimes bite very hard because they’re in pain or might be in pain due to a lack of dental hygiene.

Lastly, if you have a lot of trouble with your cat biting, then you can talk to your veterinarian. They might be able to prescribe some anti-anxiety medication for her, or they might recommend that your cat stays on medication for the rest of her life. If this is the case, you must use these techniques to learn that biting is unacceptable.

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