How to Cure Cat Constipation

Cat constipation is an extremely common occurrence amongst pet cats. But it can become a more serious condition if not addressed properly. In general, the major cause of cat constipation is dry food, improper diet, and hairball build-up. When your cat suffers from this condition, there will be a noticeable absence of cat litter.

Cat constipation can also result from various medical conditions, like urinary tract infection, obesity, diabetes, and even kidney disease. If your cat experiences one of these conditions, it will be much more difficult to cure cat constipation. Your cat may start to suffer from a loss of appetite and weight, as well as having difficulty in releasing its bowels. This condition is known as primary Cushing’s disease. Once your cat has secondary Cushing’s disease, it could also experience severe body weakness.

There are various home remedies for cat constipation. One way to treat this problem is with a laxative, or in other cases, surgery. Another treatment option would be Metamucil. Many veterinarians disapprove of the use of home remedies as a means of treating cat constipation. If you decide to use a  remedy at home, it is essential to closely follow the directions and never administer your cat medicine without consulting your vet first.

Some fur parents prefer to give their cats a home remedy such as Metamucil to treat their cat’s constipation condition. The way that Metamucil treats cat constipation is by restoring the regularity of the bowel movement. By doing this, there will be less strain put on the stomach and, therefore less straining. When there is less straining, there will be an increase in the amount of time that waste is removed from the body.

Along with Metamucil, another one of the home remedies for cat constipation is food. The food you choose to feed your cat must be high in fiber and provide a large amount of roughage. This will assist in removing the bulk from the stools. As previously stated, if your cat is suffering from primary Cushing’s disease, it is best to give your cat a Metamucil supplement, as well as a food with high fiber content. This will allow your cat to maintain regularity in its bowel movements, which will prevent them from suffering from secondary Cushing’s disease.

Other home remedies for cat constipation involve the use of laxatives. You can purchase these at any pet supply store or pharmacy and are usually quite effective in aiding your pet in the elimination process. The laxatives should only be used as a last resort for a cat with Cushing’s disease, as they can cause serious side effects.

There are many more home remedies available. Many prefer to use home remedies because they are much less expensive and do not require a veterinarian visit. If you prefer medications, there are many different types that you can choose from, as well. However, just like a diet, prevention is still better than cure. Cats will not prevent this problem on their own and will need you to help them. Using these home remedies for cat constipation will aid your pet’s life by maintaining a proper bowel movement.

Home remedies are an excellent alternative to dealing with cat constipation. As long as you remember to give your cat the proper food, along with a good supplement, your cat will be on its way to recovery. If your cat seems to have an accident during its normal bowel movement, do not hesitate to take it to the vet. They may provide your cat with the medications it needs to heal the damage done during this process. Preventing future accidents is always better than treating them once they happen. You never know what you will need in the future, so it is best to be prepared.

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