Top Five Cat Toys

Cats like to play, especially kittens Studies have even shown that kittens that play a lot later in life have a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Games are important to cats of all ages as it stimulates their brains and provides a way out for their needs to hone their hunting skills. It also eliminates excess energy, calms the cat and reduces the risk of bad behavior! So what toys do cats like? What are good toys for cats? These are the top five toys for cats.

Catnip-filled mice

Catnip-filled mice are great for cats. Not all cats suffer from catnip, but both cats and cats always enjoy chasing, biting and throwing these toys. They are great for getting cats into hunting behaviour and can make most kittens run, dive and chase after them. From sparkly to furry catnip stuffed animals, a variety of designs are bound to grab your attention.

ping pong

If you have other pets, such as dogs, handle them with care as they can swallow them! Cats love it because they will bounce and roll most kittens, and many older cats will find this move irresistible. Playing on a hard surface usually gives the best bounce effect and it’s fun to watch your cat jump and hit the ball. Usually they use bright colors to draw your cats’ eyes, and some even have beads in them, which always pique people’s interest.

Cat wand

A great way to play with cats. From catfish to jellyfish, mouse to butterfly, there are different designs to be found. Cats love to chase toys while dragging or hanging it from chairs and desks. For even more fun, try moving it on the tile floor or through the cat tunnel. Your cat can follow and pounce, which is very interesting for your pet and you! Some cat sticks have suction cups on the end so you can attach them to doors or windows. This is a great way to keep your kittens busy if they need to stay indoors for a while.

Cat tunnel

Either way, a long tunnel made of cardboard, fabric or plastic, many cats will run around in a matter of hours. Some have wrinkled parts that make funny noises when hit or moved, while others have pompoms in the strings. They are great for living in the room as the kitten will spend some time outside and play. Older cats may not find it interesting, so a little encouragement with cat toys or cat sticks filled with catnip can help. Sometimes your cat may decide to use it as a shelter, to sleep, or to hoard his favourite toy!

Cat worm pot

An automatic toy that cats love. This clever little toy is a closed plastic pot with a weighted bottom, so it will shake and turn during “research”. Inside is the small and lightweight cutout of the butterfly’s “bug”, which vibrates when opened with the help of a closed fan. Cats are fascinated by anything that flies and moves quickly, so this is an overall winner! When they hit the pot their curiosity increases, making it a great way to entertain any cat.

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