Cat Food: Many Choices

When I started researching articles about cat food, I found that many documents were authoritative, while some had personal opinions. I personally want to know the best way to feed our adult cats. Since birth, he enjoys expensive snacks on dry food and occasionally eats a few pieces of minced meat from the table-cooked chicken, beef, tuna, salmon or pork. This may not be the most correct choice.

Our cat Simba is strictly an indoor cat. He has always been in good health and has a beautiful smooth smooth orange tabby coat. He started to vomit a bit, which looked like unprocessed dry food or snacks, and the occasional hairballs. I’m leaving the hairball for another article. In this article I will introduce the choice of cat food. I decided to find out what kind of cat food we should buy him, and whether he should change his diet.

I think that while our cats are very dear to us, it is usually the “cost” that drives consumers to decide which cat food to buy. I’m sure we want the best food we can afford to keep pets, and what’s best for him. In evaluating this problem, I think there are two ways to evaluate the “cost”.

First, we can get the best things from the supermarket. Most of our decisions may depend on the ads we hear or see in the media, and sometimes the ads we get from friends. Most of the time we are in the store, cat food is on our list, our pick is on sale, the label says it’s ‘natural’ or other convincing words, we put it in the store almost without thinking about it List of ingredients in the car. At home, if we give the selected food to the cat, our cat will like it, so we think we have made a good choice.

Second, we can do a lot of research and decide to go to a pet store or buy high-quality, high-protein cat food online and know from what we read that this is a good choice and that the high ‘cost’ is not really a deciding factor become. Cat health has become a more important issue.

When choosing a cat food, some cat owners can be a bit busy on both sides. I know I am. Cost is important, but the health of the cat is also important. We like to spoil our cats, and our cats like to be petted, which is why we sometimes supplement cat food with cat snacks. Petting our cat with snacks might not be a good decision either. He may want more because he is unhappy with the nutrition of the cat food we give him. How do we make the right decision?

Just like us, if we eat better we will feel better, and that includes cats. I would like to briefly share with you some information that I researched in the articles I found.

1. Whole meat, such as chicken, beef, lamb, salmon, etc., compared to cat food containing “flour”, “by-product”, “animal digestion” and sugar. Analysis: As you may know, whole meat is best. If you really want to know what’s in cheap pet food and your stomach can tolerate the information, take a moment to read the information online. Many products put into pet food should not be ingested by any organism. These products are incorporated into pet food by many major animal feed companies.

2. Cereal-based cereals and grain-free cat food: Analysis: cats do not need cereals. Most grains are used as a filler in canned cat food and as a binding agent in dry cat food. Some manufacturers believe that grains increase protein levels, and cats need meat protein instead of grain protein. When added to food, some cats can also be allergic to wheat or corn.

3. Cat food with fruits and vegetables: Analysis: In general, you can see that vegetables such as peas or corn pass directly through the digestive tract of the cat without being processed in the intestines. Cats only process meat protein, not vegetables or fruits.

4. Dry cat food and wet / wet cat food: Analysis: Dry cat food is not natural. It contains carbohydrates used for fillings (such as grains) to keep them together. The label may indicate that it has a higher protein content, but most of the protein is grain or milk protein, not meat protein. However, don’t think canned cat food is the only option as it can also contain fillers such as grains, flour, by-products and milk. Several articles suggest that combining dried canned food with canned food is best for your cat.

5. Raw Meat and Canned Protein Cat Food: Analysis: I have never felt that this problem was completely resolved.

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