Cat Care: How Often Should You Bathe Your Cats?

Unlike dogs, cats are very good at taking care of themselves. Even without our help, they can keep themselves clean. Sometimes, however, we also have to intervene. For example, those who have outdoor cats know that it is not surprising that cats returning home are covered in dust or even oil, as they like to sneak in dark corners like cars and attics.

According to the recommendations of the National Cat Grooming Association, it is recommended to bathe (blow-dry) cats every 4 to 6 weeks to keep their coat clean and shiny, while avoiding frizz or shedding.

How often should you bathe the cat? It depends on different situations:

Temperature – I live in a tropical country and the weather is usually hot and humid. In these cases, it is best to bathe the cat once or twice a week (or as needed) as they are just as prone to heat stroke as humans. And conversely, if you live in a cold country, you can do this at least once a month to protect them from dander and fleas.

Furry coat – you can definitely tell if their coat is messy it’s time for the cat groomer and take a bath. Regular brushing with a special pet comb can also keep their fur from falling apart.

Outdoor and Indoor Cats – Outdoor cats need more bath than indoor cats. Regular brushing of your cat’s teeth can help reduce burrs and clean the coat.

Coat Length – Compared to British Shorthair and Siamese cats, Maine Coon, Persian and Norwegian Forest Cats have longer outer skins and therefore require frequent bathing.

Self-Developed Habits – Some cats take good care of themselves, but cats are not very good at them. Take one of my Persian cats as an example. I have a white Persian cat named “Sugar”, not good at dressing up. Unlike my house cat “Bernard”, she cannot stay white like before. Therefore, when I bathe Sugar, I really have to scrub her thoroughly to restore the shine.

Health Concerns – If your cat has skin irritation or is covered in fleas and ticks, it is imperative to bathe them regularly and provide topical treatment for their health problems.

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