A List of Foods You Should Never Feed To Your Cat

If you have a cat, you may have a basic understanding of the types of foods you should and should not provide. However, veterinarians have found that more and more overweight and obese cats are increasing during surgery. The owner either ignores the amount of food to be provided or simply chooses to pamper his cat by providing inappropriate food throughout the day. Some foods will encourage your cat to become a picky eater, while others can be downright dangerous. This list lists some foods that you should never give to cats.


Any amount of alcohol can cause serious problems for your cat. In the mildest cases, it can cause behavioral disturbances and illness, but large amounts can cause coma and possibly even death.


If cat fish or meat (such as chicken) is to be served, it must be carefully boned. Bones can easily suffocate cats and can damage the digestive system.

Chocolate and caffeinated drinks

Chocolate and caffeinated drinks also contain theobromine or theophylline. These substances are poisonous and can cause heart failure and threaten the lives of cats.

Fat crumbles

If you want to cut the fat into the meat, don’t think it can be given to the cat. Like humans, too much fat can cause cats to gain weight, and in the worst case, pancreatitis.

Grapes, raisins and macadamia nuts

The poison is unknown, but grapes, raisins, and macadamia nuts can damage cats’ kidneys.


Too much liver is harmful to cats as it can cause vitamin A toxicity. This has adverse effects on muscles and bones.

Milk and other dairy products

Many people believe that milk dishes are the most suitable drink for cats. However, excessive milk consumption can cause diarrhea in many adult cats because they are unable to break down lactose. You can buy lactose-free professional cat milk and use it as a substitute. If you want to feed dry cat food, you should always provide clean, fresh water.


Certain mushrooms can contain toxins that can threaten the lives of cats. Cats can quickly become poisoned after eating mushrooms.

Onion and garlic

Onions are especially harmful to cats. They contain sulfides and disulfides, which can cause anemia by destroying red blood cells. Although garlic contains the same toxins, it is not as harmful as onions, but it is still not suitable.

Fruits and vegetables include:

Potatoes, rhubarb, tomato leaves, plum and peach seeds and tomato skins. They contain oxalate, which can damage the digestive, nervous and urinary systems.

Raw eggs

In addition to the risk of salmonella, raw eggs also contain avidin. Avidin is an enzyme that reduces the absorption of B vitamins biotin. Cats can suffer from coat and degreasing problems.

Raw fish

No undercooked fish is provided. It can cause vitamin B deficiency and cats are more prone to seizures and death when raw fish is fed regularly.

Salt and sugar

Salt and sugar can cause many problems. Too much salt can cause electrolyte imbalance, and sugar can lead to weight gain and tooth decay. Cats do not need a diet.

Crumbs in the plate

Do not remove any cat scraps from the plate. It encourages bad behavior and you are likely to be serving inappropriate food. You also encourage cats to become picky eaters.


Although cats are not food in the traditional sense, they like to chew on plants. When bringing plants into your home, be aware that some of them are toxic to cats. These are the following:

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