5 Reasons Why Some People Prefer Cats Instead of Dogs

Cats are not that noisy

The dog barks at passers-by, other animals and dogs who cannot get their favorite toys under the sofa. Regardless of the reason, even the most passionate dog lover can continue to bark annoyingly.

On the other hand, cats also make noise, especially at night when most cats are active. However, their efforts can be relatively quiet. These sounds are not only cute, but can also mean that the cat owner has learned to recognize them. Whenever the cat barks, it can be judged whether it is hungry or about to be cuddled.

Grooming kittens requires very little work

Regardless of whether the pet owner is raising a puppy or a kitten, it takes time and energy to care for them. They should help it adjust to a new home and eating habits, as well as some initial training, which can cause sleep deprivation in the first few weeks of contact with a new kitten or puppy.

However, puppies need continuous training (especially potty training) and young kittens can easily learn the basics of using litter boxes after weaning from their mothers, and they can be supervised throughout the day.

Be extra careful, it is best to place the kitten in a room where there are no problems when the owner is away. In any case, he / she can be sure that the kitten is safe because the kitten is locked in a small space where it cannot destroy anything.

Pests and diseases

Cats are born hunters, so even when they only watch on TV, prey, stalking and attacking prey is their blood. Cat owners shouldn’t let their pets eat their catch, be it a mouse or a beetle, but it will always make them happy with an insect-free home, which is one of the benefits of having a house cat. In addition, the smell of cats can prevent rodents from entering their homes because when these pests sense a hunter inside, they are unlikely to move on.

Cat is clean

Dogs like smelly things like poo, garbage and dead animals to name a few, they like to roll their bodies over them. Therefore, dog owners need to wash and groom their pets regularly, which can be costly when taken to the groomer.

Essentially, cats are cleaning themselves. Cat owners can groom their pets from time to time and then use a brush to trim their nails if needed, but this is not necessary as cats can always keep themselves clean.

Cats respect people’s personal space

When people return home from a tiring day, they may not like to play with a dog, but the dog will keep following them and insist on playing and catching. Cats are sometimes referred to as cold and aloof, but they know the meaning of personal space and respect it. They don’t crave the attention of those around them so their human family can find time to relax after work.

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